Edo State: Gynecologist, MD may have committed suicide

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Dr. John Abode who was found dead in his wardrobe last Thursday in Benin may have taken his life, a security source has disclosed.

The 48-year-old Chief consultant Gynecologist and Managing Director of Hope Medical Centre in Edo state had attempt suicide on several occasions but halted by his wife, now widow.

Information gathered revealed that the doctor had injected himself with some unknown substance before heading to wardrobe where he was found hanged.

The doctor picked a perfect day to commit suicide by allowing his wife to go to church service. It was gathered that the wife called home, instructed her 10-year old son to fetch his father that she wanted to discuss with him.

The child was said to have searched everywhere in the house but to no avail until he was found dead in his wardrobe.

It es learned that the doctor’s wife rushed home in an attempt to revive her husband but was too late.


Investigation by vanguard revealed that the wife had earlier informed the family of her husband on the attempted suicide in the past, which made the wife to be more committed to attending church services if it will find a lasting solution to her husband’s problems.

It was further gathered that though the deceased, who also is a staff of the Stella Obasanjo Women and Children Hospital in Benin City, was a successful gynaecologist, his alleged occasional erratic behaviour at home had been a source of great concern to the wife, who had always counselled him against his urge to commit suicide.

Though the deceased’s family is suspecting foul play, autopsy results so far indicated that the deceased died as a result of cessation, mostly caused by suicide. However, the family of the deceased called for another autopsy which is being conducted in Lagos.



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