EDO STATE: BEDC denies staff after collecting money from Ogheghe community

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Ogheghe community in Edo State has cried out over the total bondage it found itself for the past two weeks.

  • Community In Darkness For Two Weeks After BEDC Turn Power Off

Ogheghe community in Edo State has cried out over the total bondage it found itself for the past two weeks.

Protesters against BEDC
Protesters against BEDC

Benin Electricity Distribution (BEDC) turned the community off two weeks ago alleging that it had not paid its utilities.

NAIJA CENTER NEWS learned that two weeks after the power was turned off, the community was not informed of the action, the residents thought the transformer was faulty.

Few days before the power was turned off, staff of the BEDC visited the community, collected its usual fees and disconnected those who owed.

NAIJA CENTER NEWS learned that the power company had also denied knowing its staff that collected money from the community days before it went into total bondage.

A resident said For two weeks now there have been no light in the area and everybody thought the light had an issue but only to find out that NEPA turned the area off.

“They said people have not been paying their bills in the area and therefore turned off the entire area including those who had paid and those who use prepaid meter.

“Meanwhile few days before they turned off the light, some guys came to the area as NEPA staff, collected money from the residents and those who didn’t pay were disconnected. but the nepa office distanced itself from them that they impersonated and were not their staff.

“The truth is, these guys are the same people that they have been sending for years and are known to their staff and the community. Till now, there’s still no response from the Nepa office and the community have been left in darkness despite the hot weather and heat at the moment.

“Even if nepa had relieved those alleged impostors of their duties before they came to collect money from the community, they didn’t inform the residents about it.” He complained.

A staff of the organization who spoke to NAIJA CENTER NEWS in anonymity said BEDC was fighting to resolve the issue.

“We are trying to resolve the issue, that’s the bottomline. They switch off the power, they will on it soon. It might be turned back on by Monday, by God’s grace. “

On why the power company died its staff, the informant said “You know, it is no longer a government company but a private organization. The priorities now is to make profit.

“You know there are many situations where companies deny their staff, I think this is one of the situations. We are working hard to resolve it though.”


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