Edo Government Using My Name To Defraud People – Comedian IGoSave

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A popular Nigeria Comedian Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke popularly called IGOSAVE, has attacked the Edo State Government and Godwin Obaseki for using his name in the 2018 Alaghodaro Summit without contacting him.

Godwin Obaseki
Godwin Obaseki

The comedian took to his twitter handle on Friday to express his disappointment. He accused Obaseki of using his name to defraud his fans.

In 2016, I Go Save recalled that Obaseki also added his name among the performance artist at the swearing-in ceremony without actually informing him.

Read excerpt below:

Hello ladies and gentlemen

This is a just small call to air my anger and disappointment to the Edo State Government. It is not done anywhere in the world, you don’t advertise an artist name that the person is coming to perform without contacting the person, that is the height of fraud.

The Edo State government is hereby using my name as we speak now, it is on their TV commercials, radio jingles and their social media page that I am performing at the Alaghodaro event today 9th, November 2018. Godwin Obaseki, I know you are a man of credit, but this is very low. You are advertising my name and you are making other clients who want to book that I am already booked meanwhile, I have not been paid or contacted.

First of all, you need to come in contact with me, you need to give me the consent of what you are doing, I will then decide if I want to be a part of what you are celebrating. You don’t just put my name on your Alaghodaro show without contacting me or without having any information on what I am doing or not. This is so wrong, by using my name, my brand name, I Go Save, my fans in Edo State, telling them I am coming to perform at Ring Road while I have not been contacted is wrong. If my fans happened to come to Ring Road today and they don’t see me there, they will think the Edo State government had paid me and I am the one defrauding them.

I have worked hard for my name, I am supposed to be making money with it and not people using me to defraud other people, not a government parastatals for that matter. This is very disappointing, it is totally wrong. I am not kidnapping, I am not robbing and I am not doing anything that is illegal. It is only legal for the government to encourage us and not using our name to defraud people.

This is not the first time Edo STate government led by Godwin Obaseki will be committing this wrong act. When they did your swearing-in ceremony, that was how you people advertised my name, you didn’t contact me, you didn’t pay me and you advertised my name that I was coming for the party.


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