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Edo Central Hospital: My Side Of The Story – Adams Oshiomhole

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  • insinuates Edo government refusal to provide personnel

A former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole has released a video to douse the tension surrounding the erection and the supply of equipment to the Central Hospital in Benin.

Oshiomhole Ize-Iyamu

Speaking, the former governor said “This documentary has become necessary to put paid to all the mischief, distortion, outright falsehood that is being pushed by the opposition in the state and even beyond suggesting that I misled Mr President to commission a beautiful hospital which I call a 5-star hospital without any equipment inside.

“This documentary is an attempt to give the light to all those who have continued to push this falsehood. We built this 5star hospital as part of my own contribution as governor to put paid to medical tourism and in recognition of the fact that the building alone does not provide treatment, at the time I left office we had paid 75% of the total cost of all the equipment required to run the hospital.

“I recognized that as a public officer, I have a duty to explain my stewardship. I am happy that the good people of Edo State are my witnesses with regards to my contribution to the growth and development of the state.”

Oshiomhole invited President Muhammadu Buhari to Benin in 2016 to commission the ultra modern ward he termed 5-star hospital with the intent to open it for the general public.

In January 14, 2016, Adams Oshiomhole disclosed in Benin that his government released N1.5bn as an advanced payment to Vamed Nigeria Limited.

“We have just released about N1.5bn as an advanced payment for the equipment, then once we have paid and we have a bank guarantee, we’ll know that this equipment will be delivered.”

On November 6, 2016, Oshiomhole confirmed that the hospital was already equipped. He said “Mr Presient, I cannot thank you for accepting to come all the way from Abuja to help us commission this hospital so that it can be made open for public use.

“There are a lot of facilities that are there, we gave the equipment supplier to a world renown company that specializes in hospital management and equipment. I hope I get the name correctly, Vamed Nigeria Limited. IT is an Austra-German Company and we have ensured that every equipment we ordered is based on the latest technology as it exists today.

“Our only regret is the facilities that have not been delivered but the one that has been delivered I am sure when Mr President see them, you will be impressed with what a state government under your leadership is doing in Edo State.”

However, two years after, the hospital was under lock and key and this attracted reactions from many youths and particularly the opposition, the Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Oshiomhole contracted Vamed to equip the hospital. The contract was award in December 2025 for the supply of medical equipment and furniture to the 200-bed new trauma hospital.

Oshiomhole who is facing many backlashes over several alleged collection of a financial bribe during the last All Progressives Congress primary across the nation has been accused by the PDP of using the central hospital to syphon public funds.

The APC National Chairman released the documentary on Friday as President Muhammadu Buhari is returning to Benin city to commission Edo-Azura Power Plant and grace the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Annual Conference.

In the documentary, Oshiomhole attributed the delay of the functioning of the hospital to the due to forex exchange.

According to Anthony Azudo, a site manager of the Vamed Nigeria Limited, “I am sure you are all aware we had this forex exchange, this affected the shipment and other items due to the cost. It lingered for months, months and we were able to scale through it. In the middle of 2017, we started having the equipment coming down to the site, installation started and we were able to ascertain 75% delivery which is all tested and working.”

This is the first time the governor is coming to clear the controversy surrounding the hospital. Meanwhile, to date, the hospital is still lifeless.

Oshiomhole in the document also claimed that the Edo State government under the Godwin Obaseki administration has been contacted on several occasions to provide a list of personnel for the equipment training

Azudo added that “I have written several minutes to Edo State ministry of health to give us a list of personnel for various equipment that requires training. Several memos had been written to them and that is where we stand now.”


Though the former governor claimed the hospital was half equipped in 2016 during the commissioning, it turned out that in 2018 when the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Benin, Chief Dan Orbih led the media to the building, there was hardly any equipment found.

According to the new documentary, Oshiomhole confirmed that Vamed started delivering the equipment in 2017 due to the forex problems, which beg the question of where did the governor find the equipment he showed to the President during the inauguration?

The video also accused Godwin Obaseki of refusing to take it to the next step as several memos had been written to the government to provide personnel for training. Obliviously, Oshiomhole also indicted himself that there was no personnel available when he “commissioned” the hospital.

Revisit Central Hospital in Benin – PDP begs Buhari

Meanwhile, in a statement signed on Friday morning by the State Chairman of the PDP, Chief Dan Orbih, the PDP urged the President to pay a second visit to the hospital he commissioned 2 years ago and find out the true state.

Dan Orbih also accused the former governor of using the 5star hospital to defraud the state and deny the people access to good health facilities.

“Edo State PDP, wishes to welcome the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, to Edo State, on his working visit.

“Mr President, we want to use this opportunity to remind you that about 2 years ago, just before the inauguration of the present state administration, you paid a visit to Edo state. In the course of your visit, the then Governor, Adams Aliyu Eric Oshiomole invited you to commission the so-called “5star hospital” built and purportedly equipped by his administration.

“It may interest you to know that since your visit in 2016, the “5star hospital” has neither recorded any out-patient nor admitted any in-patient. Today, the building hosts rodents and reptiles.

“It is now obvious that Governor Adams Oshiomole cleverly executed the project as a scam to defraud the state and deny the people access to good health facilities. Our concern over this despicable act, Mr. President, is not just that billions of taxpayers’ money were sunk into this phoney project, but you were persuaded to commission a non-existent hospital that makes it look like you were party to the deceit and fraud.

“While Edo people are now used to the fact that Adams can do anything to deceive the people to enrich himself, we are embarrassed at the attempt to use your person to commission a building that has only served as a center for internally displaced reptiles in Benin City.

“Finally, Mr. President, as we welcome you to Edo State, we urge you to pay a second visit to the central Hospital to enable you to appreciate the disappointment of the people over this central Hospital scandal of fraud and deceit. We call on you to use your office to direct relevant government agencies to commence an immediate investigation and necessary action to bring the principal actors to book.”





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