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Corruption In Edo Government: Prof. Yinka Moves To Justify N7.4M

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The Chairman of the Anti-Human trafficking taskforce, Professor Yinka Omoregbe has formed an association for the Libya returnees, NAIJA CENTER NEWS has learned.


Prof Yinka has called for meeting with the Libya returnees to form an association with name on the card to justify the misuse of public fund. She said they would henceforth be called “GO Getters” name on the ID card

The Initial accusation was that Prof. Omoregbeapproved the production of 3000 Id cards for N7.4 million without due process. Others argued that there was no importance attached to the IDs.

Speaking with NAIJA CENTER NEWS, In what seems to be a hostile tone, the Edo AG said N7.4m wasn’t money unless in the eyes of an ignoramus.

She debunked the report that the contract was awarded to a Lagos based company.

“7.4 million naira has never been a whopping sum, and that is the truth of the matter. The ID card is for 3000 people, and it cost 1500 per ID and what is the working sum that was involved?

“If you do your arithmetic, you will see that 1500 per ID is not much, and every single ID card was delivered.

“It is an Edo company, and it is absolutely above board. 7.4m is not money, please, unless ignoramus is involved.”

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