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THE BENIN AIRPORT SAGA INVOLVING SENATOR UROGHIDE, SOME APC AND PDP YOUTHS . Being a press statement by the Edo Forum of Patriots Inc., 30th April, 2018

Edo Forum of Patriots
Edo Forum of Patriots

The attention of the Edo Forum of Patriots has been drawn to the altercation between some youths alleged to be APC and PDP youths as well as distinguished Senator Mattew Urhoghide at the Benin Airport.

Following the emerging reports from various online newspapers, social media and other information means, the altercation maybe connected to the recent motion moved by the Senator on the floor of the National Assembly calling for the impeachment of President Mohammadu Buhari over the controversial payment of money running into millions of dollars for the purchase of Military aircrafts without approval by the National Assembly.

The Edo Forum of Patriots note that the Senator as a matter of fact was only performing his duty, within the constitutional provision as an elected Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Edo Forum of Patriots appreciates the intellectual stands of Sen. Mattew Urhoghide on the floor of the Senate because it is within the precincts of separation of power principle. Truth be said, the executive arm of government is by law expected to seek clearance from the legislature before expending tax payers monies.

To this end, we assure the distinguished Edo Senator and other elected representatives of Edo extraction of our goodwill and solidarity on the patriotic moves they conceive in the best interest of Nigeria.

The Edo Forum of Patriots condemn in very strong terms the clandestine mobilization and engagement of youths in unwholesome political enterprise. Such resort to self help belongs to the stone age and must forever remain so, rather than allowing it to raise its ugly head in the 21st century.

We further note that moving a motion does not necessarily means that the intention of the sponsor or sponsors must sail through as such motion is and must be subjected to legislative processes. This is why this particular motion has been referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary for indept investigation. Let it also be known that there are 107 other Senators with equal powers and each representing different Senatorial districts across the entire country who are expected to scrutinize the report of the committee before a decision is taken.

It is therefore alarming that this particular Senator was allegedly subjected to an embarrassing situation for doing his job. This situation if not checked portends grave danger for our democracy which recognises separation of powers and confers powers on the National Assembly to check the excesses of the executive arm of government.

We therefore call on the relevant security agencies to immediately investigate this ugly incident with a view to bringing the perpetrators and those behind it to book.

A situation where Edo indigenes are waylaid at our only airport must be checked immediately before people lose confidence and stop using the airport ; this may have dire economic consequences on the viability of the airport.

We appreciate the coincidence of Governor Godwin Obaseki at the airport, and urge Mr. Governor to take pragmatic steps to investigate this incidence in order to reverse the bad effects this orgy of violence has impacted on the consciousness of Edo people and the public, as it could ultimately hinder the proposed internationalization of the Benin airport by the Federal Government if palpable fear of harassments of opposition political figures persist.

Finally, we call for immediate cessation of hostilities between both sides of the political divide as the relevant security agencies carry out an unbiased investigation into this unfortunate but avoidable incident. We hope that the findings of this investigation be made public for all to see and learn from just as appropriate sanctions are melted out on the perpetrators.

Our political leaders must be encouraged to carry out their duties in an atmosphere devoid of fear and intimidation – and it is only on this that we can significantly enjoy the dividends democracy brings to every well-meaning society such as ours.


Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo,
Chairman, Interim Management Committee,


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