Boko Haram Members May Force Our Daughters into Marriage, Say Parents

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Michael Olugbode


The parents of the abducted schoolgirls of Government Secondary School, Chibok Wednesday alleged that they have reason to believe that their daughters are in the process of being forcefully married by their abductors.

They equally complained that all they have been receiving from government is endless promise of going after the insurgents to get their daughters back without any action.

One of the parents of the abducted child, who called in from Chibok said: “the story we are hearing is not palatable at all. We heard they have segregated the girls into two, the matured ones and those who seem little.

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“The matured ones we learnt they will be moving into a different camp and would be forcefully married while we do not know the fate of those they believe are immature.”

Details to follow

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  1. Frank Momoh Eruaga says

    pls be reasonable and considerate they are people like you, your commet is disturbing.

  2. I jst pray dat none of these tins we re tinking will come to pass in d lives of dose children in jesus name….amen

  3. Osahon OSahon says

    Well, he will just apply for a spiritual dick I guess..

  4. Patrick Abadom Stevens says

    Someone who has blown away his penis, what will he do with 72 virgins? Maybe his name na Mr Look.

  5. Julius Idugboe says

    Will any reasonable parent let d child b in a school in DAT part of d country after report of orda school incident,

  6. Kevin Idehen says

    Perverts that want rape and murder to be our new culture. No to Terrorism, No to Fear!

  7. Ilavbare Goldfish Rahmatulai says

    very strange, very bad things are happening. Malaysian aircraft on my mind.

  8. Osahon OSahon says

    Of course that’s their agenda… it takes a sexually depraved man to get himself killed so he can have 72 virgins….BOKO HARAM means Education is Bad… instead they rape in the name of religion.. And our government still hapless to take down their sponsors…

  9. Ilavbare Goldfish Rahmatulai says

    its not every post that a careless comment will be made. those men are heartless. do you know what is going now in the thick bushes? assault, rape, not to talk of the trauma and pain and fear our children have to live with this minute. i think of the girls everyday. i have a 16 year old daughter very lovely loving child> God what will i do if i one day cant find her for one hour?

  10. Man Abu says


  11. Bello John Osahon says

    Jane, I am not being insensitive,but it’s better than killing them o, at least one day they will reunite with their families

  12. Omongbale Emillian says

    hmm!pls love ur neighbour as ur sista orbrothers keeper.can be u or me.

  13. Jane Oyailo says

    Bello why are u being so insensitive to d plight of others? Are all d girls abducted Muslims? would u have said this if ur sister or relative was among them?

  14. Bello John Osahon says

    And so, is it a new thing up north, let them marry in so far as they didn’t kill them, this would only help multiply the boko boys army

  15. Oniyelu Folorunsmo says


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