Boko Haram: There is conspiracy somewhere – Pastor Bakare

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* Don’t want sympathizers to turn undertakers

* First Lady statement was an embarrassment

* Neighbouring countries harbour, encourage Boko Haram

* Nigeria government is weak

By Ehi Ekhator

The Pastor of Latter Rain Church, Tunde Bakare, has said that the continuous attack of Boko Haram on Nigeria is a conspiracy by foreign countries to ridicule Nigeria.

He said that though help from other countries to fight the insurgents is welcomed, but he does not want sympathizers to be undertakers.

Pastor Tunde Bakare
Pastor Tunde Bakare

He said “There is a conspiracy to ridicule Nigeria, I am not pointing accusing fingers at any country, America inclusive, no nation is an island of knowledge. I woke up this morning, i see that the nation has blessed me as an individual, just me alone because my glasses is not from Nigeria, my suit is from another nation, my socks is from another nation, so nations are to bless themselves. I am not pointing accusing fingers at America, but i am saying, i do not want anyone helping us to be a sympathetic undertakers.

“Every time Jesus performed a miracle, he never took the dignity of the people away, in fact, he would ask them to bring what they have, multiply it and give it back to them. He never diminished the people, we should not be rubbished as a nation.

“Down the memory lane, we have fought civil war. As bad as it was, as terrible as the civil war was in our country, like other nations who have had their own civil wars also before now, we fought and by God’s grace, our nation was united and became stronger after that, and we didn’t borrow a dine to do it.

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“A few men who are not even up to the outstanding army, cannot hold us to ransom, if there are no neighbouring nations who are harboring these people and who are accommodating them against us. Whoever they may be, whatever nation is supporting terror against our country, as weak as our government or no government, because i said it in the message that as if there is no government here, as weak as our government may be today, we should look at the bigger picture against our nation as a people and don’t diminish us, don’t rubbish us.

“Judgement is upon us whenever we reject and skim out the brightest and the best, this is what we get at the end of the day, so it’s not against America as a person, it’s against every nation and enemies within who are supporting terror and who are encouraging terrorists.”

Answering questions on what could have led Nigeria into this position, Pastor Bakare said “As long as we continue to rig elections, as we continue to hand picked those who will continue to fan the embers of our ego, we will continue to be in this mess. Until Nigeria can choose their leaders, are you saying there are shortages of leadership in Nigeria? Look at the cooperate world, look at what young people are doing everywhere, look at men who have been brought into government who are not politicians, look at what they have done. There is no shortage of leadership in Nigeria and there is no fair distribution when it comes to politics or matter relating to governance. Until you have the best, the bright and the fittest in your country, this is the kind of thing you get.

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“The man of God stressed that a country like Britain have their best brain from prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge,  who the government trapped into their civil service to formulate their policies to think ahead of time, he expressed disappointment that dropouts are what Nigeria as a country, are getting.

“Speaking on the First Lady, Patience Jonathan meeting with the stakeholders where he was quoted as saying “na only you waka come, chai chai, there is God o” Pastor Bakare said it was a global embarrassment.

He said” I was embarrassed by the utterances of the First Lady, how can the First Lady of Nigeria say na only you waka come? It’s an international forum, shield those people away from giving public interview that will embarrass us.

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“Yes, you might be passionate, but let her direct her energy in the appropriate place”

Citing Michelle Obama, the wife of the President of United State of America, the pastor said ” Did you see Michelle Obama? She only held a simple card with #Bringbackourgirls written on it, that spoke volumes, without saying anything, everyone must know where it fits.

Speaking on the entire scenario, the pastor said “I see conspiracy in all these, how can these, i don’t think Boko Haram that began in Borno State can shake Nigeria. What’s their population, that we can’t locate them and deal with them? Are you saying we don’t have superior weapons or the military is so incapacitated completely? There is conspiracy somewhere, i don’t know who but if the government is perpetrating it, God will scatter the government, if other nations or people are behind it, God will scatter them.

My nation will not disintegrate, my nation will not scatter, by the grace of God, we keep on praying, keep on watching that this land will vomit those that are perpetrating evil against it.

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