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Bad leadership: Only the truth can set us free, says Adeoye-Davids

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President of City With Foundations (CWF) a.k.a. Harvesters Fire Family Church, Senior Pastor Kunle Adeoye-Davids has identified lack of truth as the major problem of the country, reports ETOP EKANEM.

He made this known during his church’s monthly programme, tagged, Wealth Clinic Lagos at Excellence Hotel Conference Centre, Ogba, Ikeja.

According to him, “Until we are able to recognise that no government can solve the problem of this nation and until the citizens themselves decide that they want to live by the truth, things will continue to remain the same.”

Adeoye-Davids, who is passionate about changing the society through mentoring people, said: “People should not allow money to determine what they will say. Until we stand by truth, which will not be about creed or tribe but truth, things will not change. When truth begins to prevail, peace and prosperity will follow because you can find justice, equity and those are what will build this nation.

“It is not by the use of police to chase corrupt people. It won’t work because even the police are part of the system,” he stated.

On the Wealth Clinic Lagos programme, the cleric said it was a monthly programme organised to help people who have specific issues.

He explained: “At the wealth clinic, we teach things that will help one not only to identify those goals but actually do things that will make them manifest in one’s lives within the shortest possible time. It is a life maximization seminar that we have once a month.”

The cleric said he got his inspiration from the normal ante-natal clinic, which he attended sometime ago.

“I remember I was there with my wife and there were so many pregnant women and right there, it dawned on me that so many people are pregnant with dreams and desires but they don’t have the midwives to care for them.

“Midwives who would tell them the signs to look out for and the things to do to bring that baby to full term and deliver safely. Many abort their dreams, many desires were not fulfilled and many goals are not achieved because there is no person as it were, a midwife to attain to them,” he added.

According to him: “In some cases, people have problems and they keep recurring because there is no guidance, nobody to teach them on what to do to change their situation.”


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