Delta State Internal Revenue Defrauding Driver’s License’s Applicant

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There is a massive fraud ongoing in the internal revenue in Delta State, NAIJA CENTER NEWS has gathered.

There is a massive fraud ongoing in the internal revenue in Delta State, NAIJA CENTER NEWS has gathered.

One Mr Charles who is one of the licensing officers collected money from numerous individuals who paid to renew their driving license.

NAIJA CENTER NEWS gathered that this officer fraudulence is known to the office but his boss claimed he has stopped coming to work but still received a salary.

One of the bosses said “The problem is that he does not pick my call and does not pick anybody’s calls.

“The truth is that is not like the guy is not a staff, he is a staff, why he has decided to disappear, even now he doesn’t come to work, is not that anybody is hiding him, we don’t even understand.

Officers at the PTI revenue office
Mr Charles, the officers scamming applicants

“Does running like that stop the problem, that means you are running from your job and after some times, they will stop his salary and he will be sacked.”

Noyin Amadasun (not real name) One of the victims who spoke with NAIJA CENTER NEWS said “The man scammed me. One Mr Charles, an internal revenue staff working in the licensing office collected money for driver’s license and didn’t process any, but embezzled the money and the boss claimed not to be part of it.

“I think they are shielding the guy by claiming he has not been coming to work for the past five months but he is still receiving a salary.

“The boss is asking everyone to come to make another payment to process the driver’s license instead of arresting his boy that collected money from us all”

Many of the victims paid as far back as July 9, 2018, and had to make another payment before the office issued another license.

How Charles Scams His Victims

Most of the victims have similar stories. They pay without a receipt of payment but a temporary document indicating their license is under processing.

Another victim who didn’t want to be named said “I went to licensing office at PTI, met Mr charles in the office, paid him and he said he had started processing it, so he gave me a paper which showed my driver’s license was under processing which I have been using.

“Whenever it expires, he would renew it for me with the excuse that the capturing was delaying because of the delay in the driving school certificate.

“After 6 months, I went to report him to his madam, Mrs Eloho Akpotu since it was taking too long and he was no longer answering my calls,” he said.

In a secret video made available to NAIJA CENTER NEWS, the boss (ATC) claimed ignorance of the situation. He said the said staff neither answered his calls nor returned his text messages.

He also said he had stopped coming to work and would soon be fired.

When asked what happened to those who had paid and didn’t get the license, the boss said the victims must pay again in order to get their license.

When contacted, the same overall boss who feigns ignorance of the problem despite several explanations said he was not in the position to respond. He advised our journalist to contact the head office.

Similarly, the immediate boss, Mrs Eloho Akpotu refuses to comment, directing this medium to the head office.

The names of victims
The names of victims
The names of victims
The names of victims

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