Living in a fool’s paradise (A must read)

IT was Bimpe’s birthday, and Wale decided to give her a wonderful treat. He bought all her outfits, accessories and took care of all the other details. Friends were invited to this memorable event and he thought it was a great way to convince the babe that he really loved her.

Unfortunately, things did not just work out as planned: the birthday gal and some of her friends who were the typical,’ bad gals’ changed the agenda. Some of her other friends were brought into the arrangement a few days to the D-day and they hijacked the ceremony.

At this point, our dear friend realised that he was not as important as he thought he was on her emotional scale of preference. Oh dear! Why didn’t anyone warn him about all these? How come he never knew that his ‘baby’ was cheating on him?

Frustrated, he left the party midway because every moment spent made him realise that he had been a fool all this while. His heart was very heavy indeed, and in his belly you could feel the emotional animosity that he was carrying in pains.

No need to cry sweetheart: It is only an eye opener and it would make you wake up and plan for something better. Most times, a lot of guys and babes get carried away with the emotional gesticulations and display. You need to look beyond the physical and do some assessment of your worth from time to time.

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You also need to understand what goes through a person’s mind when they are feeling attraction for you. What really are the criteria for selecting you and not another? Is it because you have a good job, work very hard, are pretty cute or a really kind and easy going person.

Time definitely will certainly tell…But before you allow the odds to catch up with you, you may need to do a quick survey. A sincere partner naturally should smile to the emotional bank after working so hard to make a relationship work. Yes, sometimes this is the result of dedication, hard work and perseverance. But there are times when you put in so much and you get so little in return.

It happens especially when the person that you put all your hopes and dreams upon is insincere. From the outset, he or she has it all worked out, and foolishly you tagged along until the emotional carpet is pulled off your feet in a very rude way.

Just last week, yours truly ran into a story that brings tears to the eyes on the Internet. It’s actually about a young man dubbed the “Internet Casanova” for breaking hearts online. He ran out of luck and his bag of emotional tricks was turned upside down. Now, the handsome Casanova is facing charges for not just stealing women’s hearts but also their money.

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The 29-year-old man scammed and robbed 38 women in at least seven states while giving different identities as Ray Holycross, Ray Cross and Ray Tompson.

He was arraigned last Saturday in an Indiana courtroom on one-count charge of theft, accused of stealing the camera of Theresa Bridegroom, a woman from Mishawaka, Indiana.

So how did he do this, you wonder? Police informed that Holycross spent years logging onto dating websites to meet women before moving in with them and then stealing from them.

Bridegroom, 35, began dating Holycross in last September. Police arrested him at the apartment they shared after Bridegroom discovered he pawned her camera and turned him in.”That’s when I found out all the information about all of the websites and dating sites,” she said.

Holycross is also wanted in Oregon on two counts stemming from an identity theft charge.”I think he relies on girls that he meets on the Internet to provide him with what he needs to get through life,” Lt. Michael Budreau of the Medford Police Department in Oregon told ” Good Morning America” in August when the first report of his alleged fraud emerged.

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The next victim was Jennifer Clark. This unfortunate ‘mugun’ met Holycross on the online dating site She was smitten and the two lovebirds quickly moved in together.”We lived together in my house and I decided I wanted to help him. Once he captured her heart, the next thing was to convince her to sell her home and her car. Love struck lady agreed to do the wish of this prince charming and he also promised to take her to Chicago.

The emotional coast was very clear and he took her laptop and iPhone, withdrew nearly $1,000 from her bank account, and then vanished. Just like that! “He made me feel like he was going to take care of me and, instead, I was left with absolutely nothing,” Clark recalls sadly.

Was she really stupid or could it be love? “He was extremely charming and convincing and, looking back at myself, I feel foolish.”Many of the women who met Holycross online told a similar story. They said he was an online charmer who took off with their cash once they let him into their lives and homes.

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