I had sex with my 32-years old boyfriend- 12yrs Warri girl

Nigeria used to be a location that every homeland emulates because we have heritage, our parents raised up well. The inquiry is, what do you think of Nigeria and Nigerians of today?

NAIJA CENTER correspondent had a conversation with a 15-years vintage young female who notified me she begun having sex when she was 12yrs old. I had to interrogate her due to the way she address me “MY LOVE”

Linda is from Warri and she is presently in JSS 3. She disclosed to me that she contacted her first boyfriend in a party. He was 32-years old. The first time she had sex, it was awful but she contended anyway.

When she got home, she hid it from her parents and she endeavoured it some times more. Now Linda is 15 years vintage and she verified that she has 7 sugar daddies and 3 boyfriends.

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One of her sugar daddies she asserted is in Australia and he is 69 years old. She was so pleased to state this as the man takes good care of her. According to Linda, she conceives she is there to assist men who their wives can’t satisfy sexually.

Her words ” Some women are so awful that they don’t satisfy their husbands very well, so if i  meet such men, and they desire me, i will satisfy  them” 

” What would you do if your body was on fire and you require somebody to cooling it?” that was the question she inquired me. She furthermore said i can call it anything i desire to call it. prostitution or anything she doesn’t care. What concerns her is she gets cash when she likes it. As for the sex part, it is just for fun.

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When inquired farther how she contend with 10 men, she replied ” i am intelligent na. the one i don’t desire to glimpse, i will notify him i am out  of town”

The question i desire to inquire is what’s wrong with men? How can you open your eyes and have sex with a `12 years vintage girl?

Do we still have discerning parents in our country? Why was Linda , a 12 years vintage young female permitted to proceed to mature individuals party? where was her parents throughout the time she was going through the first pain?

NAIJA CENTER, your views are required.

3 Responses to "I had sex with my 32-years old boyfriend- 12yrs Warri girl"

  1. Bibi Joe   February 1, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Child abuse! The man is old enough to be her father and the man stupidly had sex with her.

  2. Cynthia Ese   January 26, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    I’m sure she is from a polygamous home. Anyway, most people bring children into this world without knowing what it means to be a parent and be responsible for their kids. As for d men, they r dogs. As far as d girl can satisfy them, dey don’t care about her age.
    I think d girl is a spoilt brat as well, she knew wat she was doing, if not, she wouldn’t av followed a man home at d age of 12 n even if she did out of innocence, she would av told her parents when she got home.
    With all due respect, she started prostitution from birth n it’s now part of her.

  3. Nadia Jamal   January 26, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Wow really sad history. I just dont understand what all these men thinking about using a child 12 years old for their satisfaction. How will they feel if it was their own daughter? This world is getting scary


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