Frustration: I Want To Kill Myself

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By Ehi Ekhator

If you die today, what dreams, what ideas, what gifts, what talents, what voice, what stories will die with you?

See, a lot of people go to work everyday miserable, and all they do is talk about how miserable they are but they don’t do anything about it. You know that you are deliberately operating below your potentials, you stop expanding, you stop stretching, you stop challenging yourself. It is hard living, life is hard, so most people don’t use their imaginations, most people don’t dream anymore. Why? Because through the conditioning process of life after so many rejections.

Depression, Frustration, Lifestyle
Depression, Frustration, Lifestyle

You know what you can do, you know what you have done and you have also seen what has been done by others in your environment, by others in your circumstances, then you look at where you want to go. What most people do, they do that which they feel they know can work because they already done, so they allow their negative history to determine their possibilities for them. So when they run into a road block, even though they have something beyond their comfort zone, when they run into a road block,something happens to them. Most people allow life to control them and their circumstances.

Look into the future, what is it that you want, what is it that you like to create for you? You want to make a dream come through, you have to stay focus. Some people rather get even than get ahead, stay focus on where you want go go.

This is not going to be it for my life, i deserve more than this. That will start making you do some stuff. Not only it is possible to have your dream but it is necessary, it is necessary that you have it, that you work on it, that you develop yourself, that you go for what is yours in the universe.

the major key to your reaching your dream, your living up to your greatness, your making your contribution to your making things happen in your life IS YOU, but you have to take personal responsibility to make it happen. You make it happen that you don’t give up, that you don’t take any objection or disappointment or defeat personally, that you keep on keeping on, that you don’t decide that i can’t make it because you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Live your life with passion, with some drive, you got to remind yourself that you got powers within you, talents within you that you haven’t reached for yet. So whatever dream you got, that dream, that idea that has been given to you.

There is no guarantee that because someone is now down on their kneels will never come back? who can guarantee that you can’t make it, that you can’t have your dream, that you can’t do what you want to do? No one can do it, no one can do that.

All we need to do is to look at your dream, have you given it exactly what it needed, have you invested our potentials in it? What is holding you back? Your fears or your cowardice?

Life is yours, the future is yours.. Is either you decide to take it or leave it..Trying to go through short cut won’t get you anywhere. There are keys yet to be unlocked in you, that power to move mountains, to do anything you want, you have suppressed for so long, while not do it the normal way rather than the short cut?

Be the light that shineth on people and do not allow hoodlums change your destiny, create that path, walk the walk, work the work, clear that bush path and make a comfort from nothing.

I assure you it is hard, you have tried, do you know the kind of strength you possessed when you are being chased by a tiger? You can jump a fence higher than you, something you wouldn’t do when you are relaxed.

Well, that’s life, take the challenges as a tiger trying to kill you, take the race and jump that fence by leaving your comfort zone. You have no idea of what you are made of until you give it a try. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you decided to get up. Live to tell an interesting story, a story that would encourage others, a story that will give hope and future to others and not a shameful one that would make people address you as a coward..

Why me? keep it! that is a question of a coward. If not you then who? Why not you? challenges come to us so we can find something special within us, challenges chase us so we can find solution and then realize we are problem solvers than what we think. Keep feeling sorry for yourself when you have the key to unlock that happiness and greatness you have always wanted.


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