Senegal may have just recorded first Ebola case

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(NCN) – Senegal, another West Africa country may have just recorded its first Ebola case, Senegalese press Agency disclosed on Friday.

The country closed its border last week with Guinea including ships and aircrafts travelling from Guinea to Senegal over fear that the virus may spread to the country.

Despite the move, a 21-year old student was reported to have contracted the virus in his country (Guinea) and fled to Senegal for treatment.

The Guinea authority informed the Senegalese government after loosing track of the young man. Though the man doesn’t have any sign of Ebola virus at the moment, he went to the hospital for a check up and has been placed in quarantine in Fann Hospital in Dakar, according to the news agency.

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Senegal is the fifth West Africa country where the Ebola Virus has spread apart from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and a few of cases in Nigeria


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  1. Afufu Anthony says

    haha i don’t think so dear sunday.

  2. Sunday Udenyi says

    My good people r u guys really sure there is ebola @ all? I think dis our useless politician wnt to jst use our head?

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