Penis enlargement causes impotence –Dr. Sylvanus Ettia

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Size, they say, matters. So, are you considering increasing the size of your manhood? Have you been bombarded by adverts claiming to increase the size of your manhood with as much as three or four inches within three months?

Beware, it can cause impotence! A naturalist, Dr. Silvanus Fur Ettia and Managing Director of Nature’s Panacea & Herbal Remedies has sent an urgent warning that opting for penile enlargement could damage reproductive health in men and cause impotence.

Hear him: “A lot of people are not satisfied with the size of their manhood and there is a lot of advertisement on the web and everywhere promising enlargement with about three to four inches in just months.

Some even claim to be natural herbs. But I want to send a strong warning. It is not advisable for men to do it because it can cause impotence in the long run. Those behind it want to market a product no doubt. But we need to ask ourselves, ‘is there any side effect?’

I want to state categorically that whatever you take to enlarge your penis cannot increase the size of the penis. It will only enlarge the veins that carry blood into the penis so that whenever you have an erection, more blood will rush into the veins and the penis will appear bigger. But when you’re done with what you’re doing, the blood will rush out and it will shrink and the size of the penis will become smaller over time.

Over time, the ability to have an erection will completely go because some tissues in the penis must have been damaged and this will lead to impotence.” Dr. Ettia, a Cameroonian is currently in Nigeria to create awareness about the use of natural herbs in treating and correcting ailments affecting male reproductive organs and detoxifying the human system.


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