Tonto Dike’s husband, Churchill finally opens up on their separation

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Olakunle Oladunni Churchil, the husband of a one time Nollywood controversial actress, Tonto Dike has finally opened up on the purported separation and his relationship with his personal assistant.

Tonto Dike and husband, Churchill
Tonto Dike and husband, Churchill

The news of the separation flaunt the internet as many media reported that Tonto Dike left her husband after discovering the affair her husband was having with his PA.

Churchill, who had remained mute over the weeks had finally opened up to clear the allegation, adding that such story was a sponsored blackmail.

Churchill also cleared that his PA is a man named Mr. Paul who has been working with him over the years. He denied ever raising his hands against his wife as he is against domestic violence.

He said “Every family has its ups and downs, but I would not want to talk about my family. Well, it’s funny to me, because I don’t have a female personal Assistant. My PA is Mr. Paul, who has been working with me over the years. Besides, it was a sponsored blackmail. These issues are private to me and my family. I don’t know where this came from and I don’t believe my wife would say that, I’m against such. Even my foundation preaches against domestic violence in some of our charity awareness campaigns. It is obvious that all these channelled attacks are targeted to drag my image and what I believe in, to the mud. Well, the truth is that I have never raised my hands against my wife. There is CCTV camera evidence in my mum’s home to prove all this.”

On his alleged relationship with Swanky Jerry, Tonto’s husband claimed he only met him through his wife.

“I only heard about it later but never did see the actual post and I must say it beats my imagination. I met Swanky Jerry through my wife and believe that whoever my wife likes as a friend, I also take as a family friend. I don’t know Bobrisky. I’m too busy to think of such unpleasant issues, let alone cooking up a defence.”

Meanwhile Tonto also called out the attention seeking actor Uche Maduagwu who has been writing and cursing her husband out, to desist as she has never met him let alone sharing personal things with him.

Tonto Dikeh who has suddenly changed her rule of engagement on social media after her upgrade to Mrs, carefully and indirectly appealed to Uche to come clean to his followers.

Tonto Dikeh said “I don’t have friends, i don’t speak to people about my life be it good or bad. Yes i will love to be your friend someday as i will never be one to judge or condemn but for now, we are not because we don’t know each other. We don’t even have our digits to talk more of to have phone call conversations

“Please i have a son i am living for and i want him to grow up to love and respect me and his father no matter what. Not to discredit you, i have read incredible stuff off your page but this isn’t healthy for me and my Baby ATM.. I also understand that we have too many imposters as Tonto Dikeh, just to make excuses for all of this. Maybe you are being scammed thinking you are talking to me but my colleague, i am  a simple lil girl who mind her business and keeps away from people.

“Please do this as a birthday gift for my son, make it right. Let these people now what the truth is, this is hurting too many people.”





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