Psquare: You’re making me look like a bad person – Peter tells Paul

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The fight between the two popular brothers and singers popularly known as Psquare, Peter and Paul Okoye has turned fans frenzy over the weeks.


The two brothers decided to go their separate ways after months of internal problems, which some people claimed was caused by their new wives.

Though both earlier refused to admit  there was a big problem that led to their decision to path ways, the recent development which showed Paul and Tiwa Savage releasing a single without Peter revealed to the public that the fight may have reached a point of no return.

Peter released a song titled “Eyes” which went viral as usual and few days later, his brother Paul released a heart touching soul titled “call heaven”.

The song did not only showed that the two brothers were separated, but also pointed out that Paul was weeping over the turn out of event.

Yesterday, Peter took to his instagram to thank his fans over their comments concerning the break up, adding that it was a family matter and would prefer to settle it in house.

Peter also reminded his brother that he was the first to go solo by releasing a single with Tiwa savage. He assured Paul that despite their problems, he is available for duo at any time.

Peter said “Hi guys. Thanks for the love and support, I so much appreciate everyone of you.
For public record, I don’t have any issues with my brother Paul the only issue I have is with the management which I have disassociated myself with.

“There is a clear line between family and business, Jude still remains my brother, he is just no longer my manager. For the record also, P’square still remains, the only difference is that we are under separate managements and there is nothing wrong with that.

“I see no wrong in doing separate projects and and still being together as P’square. I love my brother Paul, I support him and wish him the very best in life but misguiding the media is not the right thing to do, if we have issues as brothers, the right thing to do is settle it between ourselves and not give media something to feed on.

“I took family issues to the public when I went on a Twitter rant but I apologised for that, you shouldn’t do the same, making me look like a bad person and giving the public an opportunity to crucify me is not a solution. You went solo first by releasing a song with ‘Tiwa’ and your new artists.

“This doesn’t stop us from producing good music together or giving our fans the best of P’square, it’s just time for personal development. I am not against Rudeboy Records, northside entertainment and wish you the very best. Thanks for the love once again. God bless you all. #PSquareForever #Mr.P #Rudeboy”


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