Nollywood USA is a joke, movie worse than destructive instinct coming, says AFroCandy

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By Ehi Ekhator.

Judith Mazagwu popularly known as  Afrocandy  has  said Nigerians should be ready for her next movie.

AfrocandyAccording  to her, Destructive Instinct which has taken over the market  both in Nigeria and Abroad is a teaser. A movie she  said she used to test the market.

She disclosed this while speaking with NAIJA CENTER NEWS correspondent. She said that  the next movie will be more extreme  and wild since she  has observed that Nigerians are ready for her.

Her words “I was just testing the water with Destructive Instinct to see what i can do. Now that i know Nigerians are ready for AFroCandy, i am going to unleash the real AfroCandy into  Nigeria, Future movie  is going to be hotter, this was a tease.”

Speaking on the increase in price of her movie in Lagos and Aba, she blamed the marketers who decided to cut a movie of part  1 and 2 into  part 1,2,3 and 4 and then increase the  cost of each parts in order to make money.

She added that she is watching the marketers and whoever among them do something out of the ordinary in the selling of her movie will be out of what she called “her  good book” because more are coming.

She expressed disappointment over what she referred to as “the so called Nollywood USA” attempt to sabotage what she worked for. She  revealed that a radio  station owner  in the  State informed her of the Nollywood USA anger over her movie,saying that they are complaining that they started the movie before her, meaning, she is trying to take over.

AfroCandy Movie
Afro movies

She opined that the movie industry is big enough to contain everyone and with your talent, you can have many fans. She lashed at some directors who she said can’t even act but  direct movies in the USA because they can afford it.

She also revealed  that many  actors and  actresses in the USA are not registered members of  Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). She according her, is a registered  member of the body for  many years.

“I have been called for audition many times and at times, i end up giving suggestions or argue at their method of directing the movie.” she said.

She  added ” Most of them that are calling themselves  Nollywood USA are not even registered, they had about  Nollywood and they started producing movies because they could afford it. And again, i look at them as jokes because those calling themselves directors cannot act”

When  asked if she would feature the  nudity champion,  Maheeda,  in her next movie, she bluntly said no, she refused to make further comment  on Maheeda as she said she  has bigger plans for her next movie.

Without  mentioning name, she said “i am not competing with nobody, you just started, i have been doing this for a long time, you can’t just compete with Afrocandy by taking off your clothes . I have done all that, i have done more. You haven’t exposed half of what i have exposed, i am doing my thing and i have more endowment to do mine.”

Who do you think she was referring to in her last message? 🙂


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