Nollywood actor, Muna Ibiekwe is dead

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By Vanessa Enofe, Naija Center News

There are speculations that is yet to be confirmed over the alleged death of one of the known Nollywood actor, Muna Ibiekwe who was reported dead this morning.

Muna Obiekwe
Muna Obiekwe

While some are debunking the news, others are equally confirming it from alleged close source.

Muna was said to have died of kidney failure which he has been keeping from his friends.

According to the information, he was found vomiting at home this morning and gave up the ghost at the hospital later.

A twitter handle with the name Muna Ibiekwe suddenly came out to debunk the news saying people are playing with his life. Though other sources said he is actually dead, adding that the twitter account who debunked the death news is fake.

Earlier today, another popular nollywood actor, Mike Ezu had posted on his twitter page expressing his sadness over the death of his dear friend. He said “So sad…Muna whyyyyyyyyyy ….Ohhh Whyyyyyyyy..R.I.P bro…Nollywood looses another …Whyyyy”

Mike Ezu after possibly been lashed by angry fans, confirmed the speculation that Muna Ibiekwe is really dead, adding that he couldn’t play with death story unless it’s true. According to the celebrity, “death is not something to toy with. His first cousin called me and told me and i confirmed from those who saw it all. From those of you cursing me out, i hope after this all you will apologize. And realize there are impersonators claiming to be some celebrities on twitter too.”

NAIJA CENTER NEWS put a call to Desmond Elliot, another celebrity to further confirming the death story, but his number was switch off.

Nonso Diobi, a colleague in the industry also confirmed the death of the actor with a picture. See below

Muna Obiekwe
Muna Obiekwe at the hospital

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