Is Tonto Dikeh A Member Of Illuminati?

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First, i don’t want you to call me a hater. I don’t hate Tonto Dikeh rather, i am just saying many peoples’ mind. I heard about her newest video “Hi” and i wrote something nice about her commending her effort for being so creative even though i never watched it.

I was forced to watch today due to the continuous unpleasant comment i read from fans. but behold, it is appalling. All i heard in the song was HI.

Now let us deviate from the HI topic and see what’s in the video. Tonto Dikeh right from beginning has been obsessed about Illuminati. She has done everything to call their attention even went as far as drawing a big tattoo that represents their signs on her back..

Assuming that was not enough, when i watched her video, i realized she used it as a symbol through out. The question one would ask is, what’s wrong with Tonto Dikeh? how many people would want to invite evil into their lives?

She is with both hands fighting for fame negatively. There is no short cut to the top unless in politics. How long will she do this? This will explain why she hardly stay long in her relationship. Who knows what those men discover in her?

I remember one time, a close friend of Tonto Dikeh revealed that if she was dating Terry G, it would be a good combination. When asked why she made that assertion, she stressed that Terry G is a drug addict and Tonto Dikeh is a drunk. Apart from being a drunk, if you have a girl like Tonto who seems possessed by one of the biggest cult in the world, what would you do?

Alright, haven’t said all these and with the pictures, you can now sit back and watch the video again.

What do you see? is Tonto Dikeh an Illuminati member? If yes, do you think it’s wise to keep patronising evil or the fear of God has left everyone?

From all these? What do you think? NCN

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