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I did not insult Mercy Johnson and Ini Edo, Nigerians do not know how to read says Afrocandy

Ehi Daniel

AfroCandy in her Sex Role

Judith Mazagwu, aka AfroCandy, the soft porn actress, speaks with Ehi D. Ekhator of Naija Center News (NCN) in this interview on how Nigerians always misinterpret whatever she says, she made reference to what she said about Mercy Johnson and Ini Edo as a mere misinterpretation just like they misinterpreted her when she called the men  for auditioning by sending her dick pictures. Read the excerpt below:

Tell us about yourself
I am an Actress, Artist, Indie Producer, Director, Commercial Model, Editor, Script/Song Writer, the CEO of Invisible Twins Productions INC and a Single Mother of 2 beautiful Girls, so you can call me a ‘Multiple Threat’.
As per Education, I am a graduate with 2 Associate Degrees in Office Administration and Computer Science. A Bachelors Degrees in Business Management and a graduate in Medical Billing and Coding. Also getting ready to go back to school to study Law.

What took you so long to bounce back to Nollywood?
It took me some time to settle down in the USA coupled with my break up from my ex and raising my 2 daughters as a single Mom, so my priority was my Daughters first. But I have done a couple of movies in the USA regardless

How many movies and can you give us the titles?
Are you asking me of the old ones I did in Nigeria or the ones I did since I cam to the USA?

How many movies did you do in the US before the last one that went viral?
I did a bunch of background in Hollywood Movies like AUGUST RUSH, PELAM 123, REBOUND, NOTORIOUS B I G, LIFE ON MARS, ETC, and I did in Nollywood Movies like Grass is Greener, The Will, and a few I cant remember

How did  you start your acting and singing career?
AfroCandyI started acting 2003 in Nigeria but I started as a Model. I had taken my daughters in for their modeling photo shoot, while we were at the studio, I engaged in an argument with some guys and it happened that one of them was the CEO of King Judge models. So he looked at me and said, ‘you can make a very good actress’, Your looks and the way you talk. Why don’t you go into acting? And I was like really? So he gave me the address of the place to register as an AGN member, I went, registered and started auditioning. But before I got my first role as a ‘party scene extra’ in ‘Singles and Married’ he put me into modeling and I did a couple of modeling jobs. Then I started getting lead roles and before I could hit the actual stardom, I migrated to the USA in 2005 to join my ex. Due to struggling to settle down in the US, I was absent in the Industry until 2008 when I had a dream and I was singing in my dream, I woke up, explained it to my daughters and my first daughter was like Ma, you can record it and be a ‘Legend’ in your style. And that’s exactly what I did, that’s how I came out with my first single “Somebody help me”. Ever since then, I have been shuttling from Music and acting. So, I stated from the bottom now I’m here.

It was speculated that you lashed at Mercy Johnson and Ini Edo, what do you have to say about that?
Ok here you go, this is what I said,   “For those of you that just started watching Nollywood movies, I have been around, even though I left Nigeria when I was just about to hit the actual stardom and transformed to AfroCandy. When I was in Nollywood, Ini Edo didn’t even have a bicycle; I drove her to locations twice when I worked with her. Mercy Johnson was still running around looking for waka-pass to play; now that I am back in full force to take back my position, most of you are angry. Why are you mad at me? Don’t hate the player, hate the game,”

I did not insult Ini Edo or Mercy Johnson but the fact is, Nigerians do not know how to read wall posts, they read negative meanings into everything, misinterpret everything and turn white to black.

Lately, you offered a role to Beverly Osu. Why her?
I would not like to make any comment on that….lets move on

You did audition sometimes ago and requested that the men should be honest with the size of their manhood, was the audition successful? did men come to show their manhood in order to qualify for a role?

yes and yes it was successful, the audition was only online and they sent in pictures, the physical audition will still happen and I will announce that.

How do you cope in a situation like that? I mean many men sending such pictures?
By not handling them at all, they are just pictures and it wouldn’t be my first time of seeing such pictures, it they mean nothing to me

In the first place I did not call for such auditions but just like they misunderstand my wall posts, they started sending in pictures and I was like, ok then let’s roll with it

They inspired you to call for the audition?
No, I posted something else and they did something else

And the physical audition coming?
Again, my upcoming audition is not an audition for Dick, it would be regular acting auditions for me to pick my cast for my upcoming projects, I am not producing movies for nudiest so not everybody will get naked.

What inspired you to write DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCT?
Part 1 and 2 was an Original story written by someone else but I bought the rights and added my own Ideas, wrote the part 3 and 4, produced it and I just wanted to break a barrier in the Industry, I wanted to make history and I am glad I achieved it.

What barrier and what history?
You already know, getting naked is a taboo in our culture not to talk of Having sex wether it’s fake sex or real

In destructive Instinct, was that a real sex or improvisation?
I never answered that question, lots of people and the media have been trying to get it from me but I will not tell, just watch the movie, enjoy it and forget about how it was made

Pictures as you said aren’t things you have not seen before, but in the movie, it was body to body, how did you cope with that?
I am a professional actress, a producer and at the same time directing the movie so, body to body was still nothing to me. At that pont I was concious of making it look ok, was thinking about my money and not wether we were naked or not. So I tell them to get your head out of the game. It’s not about the sex cos I been there done that

Do you have any favourite actress in Nollywood?
I have a couple of them but My favorite actresses are not much in the game like before. I loves Liz Benson, Eucheria Anunobi, Joke Silver, Mama J, and one other one I don’t remember

And Among the young actresses, none of them you admire their work?
None of them yet maybe the ones to come, most of them are just too robortic for my liking playing the same character in every movie

What is your advise to the younger actresses in the industry?
My advise to them is, believe in yourselves, keep you are head up no matter what and never let noone tell you, you are not good enough. Theres is potentials in everyone.

To your Fans?
I love them with all my heart for standing by me no matter what

Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

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