2face Betrayed Nigerians Taking His Wedding To Dubai

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2face and Annie

I am not here to complain but to express how i feel inside, 2face Idibia who we trusted betrayed all of us. I am not a hater so i wish you a happy wedded life.

But how could you do this to us? why did you take your wedding to Dubai where you know our hands and legs can’t get to. Of course we can reach there, do you think everyone can buy ticket to come? Besides, you even invited a selected few and left the rest of us who have been spending our last penning buying your cds

We brought you up from nothing, we gave you life, we supported you but the only way we could bite your chicken or eat your rice, you denied us of it. Is this fair? I will leave your matter to God.

Annie Maccaulay, when 2face was running around from one waist to another, you cried and we supported you, we gave you a shoulder to cry on, you could not advise 2face to allow the wedding in Nigeria that made him.

Did any Arabian ever buy your cd or watch Nollywood movie? We spent it all, we attended your shows, good or bad we commend your effort, but you denied us where you are supposed to say thank you.

You did not invite your own childhood friend Blackface so i have little to complain about mine. I just want to say Nigerians, what 2face and his wife Annie Maccaulay did to us, is it good?

By angry Nigerian

Source: naijacenter.com


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