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NIDSUG threatens to wreck mayhem to local content board

The Niger Delta Students Union Government (NIDSUG) has threatened to “destabilize the mal-activities” of Nigeria Local Content and Monitoring Development Board should they fail to live up to expectation within a short while. This was made known during a recent press briefing at Yenosua by NIDSUG National President Comr. Tonbara Michael Yalah.

This comes as a wake call after “several years of the board’s malfunctioning” as regards bettering the educational sector, he said. Adding that “this is the resolution of the National Body of NIDSUG.

Comr. Tonbara narrating the ordeal of Niger Delta Students noted that they have been maltreated enough and can no longer continue to bear it.

He equally noted that the Board which was “established through an act in President Goodluck Jonathan dispensation to improve the capacity of the youths in the region and to incorporate them into the companies (especially the oil companies) has failed below expectation”. Describing further he said that “the Board also serve as a middle man towards aiding the people of the region in indigenizing and incorporating us after a while of any company existence, and Education is at the centre of what this board is to develop, but neither the education nor the youth empowerment has been given any listening ear by the Board”

Meanwhile, the recent National Conference of NIDSUG at Yonogua afforded the NIDSUGIANS to vent its accumulated anger on the Board by paying a hostile visit to the Board office at Revenue House, Lambert Eradiri Road, Onopa-Yenayoa. During the visit, most activities at the Board was grinded to a halt as the students blocked the entrance gate, took over the receptionist room and chant songs that disrupted activities for several minutes before they were pleaded to come to negotiation table by Mr. Eugene A. Ozolua, a Director in the board who spoke on behalf of the board’s Executive Secretary Mr. Ernest Nwapa.

Students left the board but not without living a word through NIDSUG President Tonbara, that “we will not take it lightly any longer should this board continue to maltreat students; continue to be a hostile ground for people or continue to living below expectation”. “Is it because we are not here with arms?” he queried.

After the conference which Mr. Eugene A. Ozolua represented the Board, it was learnt that NIDSUG sent a copy of its resolution which include “better welfarism” for Niger Delta Students, constant payment of Bursary to all Niger Delta students, bettering the standard of living, employing Niger Delta Students in the oil sectors, as well as aiding in procuring academic aiding facilities” to the board. “Unfortunately” according to the President, the board is yet to respond or even write back after several weeks of receiving the communiqué/letter.

After the conference Mr. Eugene A. Ozolua noted that he will communicate back to the Board all that has been said. He equally promised that the Board will henceforth have a better relationship with the students. Adding to this, Deputy Leader of Bayelsa State House of Assemble Hon. Tonye Isenah noted that the essence of organizing conference may be defeated if the people it was organized for are not present, “The Local Content Board is supposed to be fully represented in this type of event” he said.

Speaking on the behavior of the board, one of the National Executive, Comr. Obedience Akama noted that “the board is better liquidated if they are to continue this way”. Speaking further, he asserted “each time the worker see any student around the Board, they rarely answer you. They feel too big to even talk to you” he lamented.

Adding to this, National Union of Izon Ebe Student (NUIS), Delta State University President Comr. Godwin ogele has added his voice to call on President Goodluck Jonathan to help purge the leadership of the board as they are not helping students in any way. He said that the leadership of the body are compounding woes and thus contributing to the students’ poor standard of living as well as poor performance in the Niger Delta areas.

Another student leader of RSUST who spoke in confidence alleged that the board “is an empty vessel that produce unemployable youths, you can go and inquire of the people the Board has produced, who has employed them?” He therefore calls on all stakeholder of Niger Delta Region to add their voice in making sure that the Board is urgently re-shovel for good.

“Worst still, the Board neither organize any programme or seminar for students nor do they attend if invited for such by any student body. They are so autonomous that nobody dare go to them or invite them for any event” Tonbara lamented. “should that Board refused to live up to expectation this time, we will make sure we disrupt its activities for a very long time to drive home our point” he fumed.

Another student of Akwa-Ibom Poly who simply gave her name as Alia on her part noted she has never heard of any Board with such name in Niger Delta Region. She calls it “one of those outfit through which the money that could have been used to better our lives are being looted”. She maintain that “such mushroom bodies are better scrape-out, let’s stop deceiving ourselves”

From Emmanuel Ahanonu, Unical

Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

Copyright 2020 Naija Center News. All Rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on the website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, or rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from Naija Center.

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