Why President Buhari may remain dead to Nigerians, By Ehi Ekhator

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By Ehi Ekhator

The speculation making rounds that the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari who was claimed to be on vacation in the United Kingdom is dead has proceeded in spite of a few communiqués by the Presidency to debunk it.

In their separate posts, published on their Twitter handles, Femi Adesina, the special adviser on media and publicity to the president and Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant on media and publicity to the president, dismissed the reports as false and clear case of mischief.

Mr. Adesina said: “Best wishes to all who wish PMB well.

“As for those who carry evil rumours, may they receive grace to repent.’’

Mr. Shehu also dismissed the rumour that President Buhari was dead as being speculated by mischief makers.

He also described as false and untrue the report that the president was flown to Germany.

Mr. Shehu said: “He is alive and well! President Buhari is not magical. He cannot be holidaying in the UK and be in Germany, dead or alive at the same time.

Coffins“He is unlike a past President who was at Ota, with Chief Obasanjo and attending the Trump inauguration in D.C, being in two places at the same time!’’

Numerous Nigerians who have heard of the rumour feel disillusioned subsequent to hearing the opposite side of the Presidency. From all indications, it appears Nigerians truly need their President dead by all necessary means.

Clearly, something isn’t right with the mindset, or the general population are quite recently tired of the 73 years old President who most likely had caused, and still causing nothing but torments, yearning and disunity among the general population.

Before 2015 election and couple of months after the general race between President Buhari and the previous President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the name Buhari was the law, whoever said his name in discourteousness would be dealt with by his supporters who were  almost 70% (perhaps) of the population.

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He was the mouth piece, the rescuer, and the saviour. A few Nigerians trekked from Abuja to Lagos out of appreciation for the self-insinuated saviour. How has the mighty fallen? What has changed after two years of his Presidency?

Nigerians on a progressive procedure, hauled out in the President’s defence, deserting the official puppies, the State Security Service, SSS, the Police and his paid wrestlers called aides.

The issues amongst Nigerians and their President is lack of communication, dissatisfaction conceived out of disillusionment and continuous excuses and habitual pettiness by Buhari’s administration, plus the fact that, the Presidency has declined to concede that it doesn’t comprehend what the nation need to resuscitate it. In addition, the economy tumbled to its present states in the hands of Buhari and his team.

On this note did the General Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson urged Buhari to speak to Nigerians since they were worried about his health.

Ozo-Eson said, “In the social media, stories circulate without confirmation; I think that the easiest way is to talk publicly to the nation because the citizens are concerned about their leaders’ whereabouts.

‘If there are those who orchestrated rumours and they are not true, the easiest way is for him to reach out to Nigerians through a public appearance and a statement.

“Nigerians have a right to be certain about the health situation of their President and the people who orchestrate rumours and unsubstantiated reports, one would wish for him to call their bluff by publicly addressing the citizens.”

In the event that it has gotten to the point where Nigerians need him gone, in any condition, it implies his prevalence has achieved a final turning point and, shockingly, the President is as yet going for 2019 second term.

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President Buhari is in solitude and for the few as yet supporting him are the individuals who need to show they are passionate supporter and few other people who fear being arraigned or explored by the Economic and Financial Crimes commission that has presently gone up against any pundit of the Presidency.

Nigerians consider Buhari a scammer because of his nonstop hypocrisy. Months back, the President propelled “change starts with me” which implies we are our own particular change. He likewise upheld for the purchase of Nigerians goods and services, yet he flies off to the United Kingdom for each medical check-up.

Things haven’t changed since his assumption of office and Nigerians can no longer grin in agony, trusting it would be better tomorrow as clearly, Buhari appear to be unmindful of the abilities of his Ministers and himself.

Would Nigerians cry or sob if Buhari passes on today? What difference does it make? It will be a major alleviation for some Nigerians especially those in the South who from the earliest starting point had been crying of Buhari’s non-verbal communication against them.

A large number of his northern elders may simply be happy for the news of his passing, as many believe they can carry out the job better than him. To support this point, the Peoples Democratic Party on Wednesday released an announcement blaming the members of the All Progressives Congress as those in charge of the death rumour of the President.

The PDP in a commuique via the caretaker committee chairman, Ahmed Makarfi said: “The All Progressive Congress (APC) should point its search light inward and investigate itself as to the source of the rumour. PDP, I said have nothing to gain from anything. “Those who are peddling the rumour know themselves and they are in APC. Some of them are already positioning themselves for power in 2019. APC should investigate itself.”

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The above position means that numerous individuals from the President political party may really wish him gone has his residency has not in any case helped anybody or developed the economy. Some northern youths are currently lamenting for hurrying to vote out the previous President who they believed was the reason for their problems.

Once more, with all that is going on in Nigeria presently, the incessant killings by Fulani Herdsmen, the nonstop harassment and arrests of journalists, the hyper inflation in the country, disproportionate war against corruption, persecution and terrorizing of anybody against the President, degrading of naira from $1 – N199 to $1-495 as at today in parallel market or more all, the non-verbal communication that talks volume that the President is totally confounded on how these various issues can be solved.

In reality, is the President dead? The answer is no, but he sure isn’t too healthy as a section of the media reported that some governors had planned a visit to Buhari. On the other hand, Buhari is probably dying in the hearts of Nigerians who had once taught he was the solution to their problems.

The President won’t be missed if he kicked the bucket today as there are many of his supposed friends who would gradually and happily speak ill of him, besides who em ep so far? and it won’t be surprising how Nigerians would rejoice through their usual drinking of liquor to express their positions.

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  2. Paul Felix Ataria says

    If Mr Buhari loves the unity of Nigeria then the God of love will lead him home safely but if he is in accordance with his daughter (Zarah’s)stand that Muslims and herdsmen should go on killing Christian s then he will ….

  3. Abdulmutalliph Umar says

    Who are the originators of blood letting? who are the promoters and advocators of killings in nigeria? go and read history and know how inhuman is your origin. I mean these semi-human planned and killed notherner leaders, they continue to import weapons non-stop, you lectured armed rubbery accross the nation or even the continent in the name of hard working and money waking. Shut your mouth.

  4. Ekpe Mahmud says

    May the calamity that has taken over nigeria be relocated out of midst Amen. We should stop wishing anybody dead

  5. Iyke Ken says

    The blood of innocent people killed buhari’s fulani’s brothers is really affecting mr president of the zoo

  6. Emem Ubong says

    I spoke with pmb yesterday night, when i asked to know his where about, he responded; pls my daughter thanks 4r concern towards my sudden disappearance i am suffering for disentry due to Nigerian prayers which is seriously affecting my stomach and my Brian including my check that laid to coma pls tell Nigerian that right now iam in the gues toilet in Aso rock of united state of America.

  7. Chibumma Germaine says


  8. Nkiru Ezeokoli Ezike says

    We are not talking of death here. He left for a holiday that will last 10 days, now its 12 days.

  9. Safiyu Mafindi says

    Achonwa Kaykay when the birom massacred more than 500 during OBJ and twice 500 hausa fulani in plateau what happens if only two hundreds are killed now.

  10. Moshe Ijese says

    Poverty should die oo

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  12. Paul John says

    Thy lord is watching

  13. Hassan Haruna says

    No shit

  14. Chinedu Ekweonu says

    Buhari is alive enjoing chibock girl one by one, He wil return with HIV

  15. Emeka Ngwu says

    The wages of sin is death,there is no peace for d wicked

  16. Yakubu M Isah says

    Kukarku mutu kuma ai ta Allah batakuba

  17. Chinwe Uzoma Fred says

    The masses are hungry

  18. Chinwe Uzoma Fred says


  19. Ezeifi Eric says

    Buhari will not die. He must finish his tenor.it gives me joy when I see all the agent of Change in last 2015 election. begging me money.ride on buhari

  20. Donatus Ekiko says

    Anything una talk ooo no concern me, what I know is that the man don die si…..n..ce

  21. Emeka John says

    Brethren especially believers Jesus say love ur neighbours as u do ursef pray 4 those who persecute ,,as 4 our president i wish him lng live n i pray God grant him his heart desires

  22. Rimamchika Dio says

    U re right my bro,judgement of God is awaitng for Good or bad deed. So no escape for anyone.

  23. Cross Sword says

    Why are Nigerians so hypocritical, is there any person in Nigeria who deserves death?, but yet Buhari have caused the death of thousands of innocent citizens of Nigeria and no one could condemn him for wishing many death. Those people who died also have the potential of becoming president of Nigeria if Buhari didn’t kill them, or are we by any logic saying that the life of Buhari is more sacred or beneficial than that of those he has killed, is their any genuine reasons Nigerians should desire or celebrate the life of someone whose only major achievement is killing fellow Nigerians.

  24. Alexander Maureen says

    I advice u all not 2 wish him death intead pray that God will change and use him 2 rule Nigeria:::::::cus is not easy;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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  26. Uzoto Tochukwu says

    He should remain dead

  27. Favour Uche says

    What a shame

  28. Rowland Onyekwere says

    Femi Adeshina, the president spokesman said pmb is meeting with the European head of parliament. Maybe, the ghost meeting, afo gbagbu kwa unu! Liars.

  29. Fabwaje T. Enoch says


  30. Dahiru Musa Yaro Manchok says

    Those wishing president buhari dead would die before him.Longlive mr president

  31. Ebubechukwuzo Kenneth says

    All this comments to die or to live is human being talk my Bible said what ever he or she sow they reap so let’s just wait if God word true or not

  32. Christian Onuorah says


  33. Isaac Okojie Atimoe says

    No body is above deaD,But d important attached to this news is not best.Let us fear GOD.

  34. Segun Tolorunsagba says

    A weakling dog is better than a dead lion, says a yoruba adage. Unfortunately, Buhari does not even qualify for any.

  35. Ayebatonbara Samson says

    Mohammed buhari

  36. Nasa Ndu Nasa Ndu says

    Or my monkey president

  37. Edward Ozah says

    If Ehi Ekhator confirmed that Buhari is dead I can now believe that he is really dead, because he’s speaking from the right source.

  38. Bassey Ele says

    There is alot of blood and innocent people dying since he has been on seat..

  39. Nicolas John says

    MMM IS DEAD NOW BUHARI IS DEAD. I dont know wich one i go cry 4. Buhari or mmm

  40. Mandela Yohanna Girgiza says

    Please someone should help me,what killed PMB na?

  41. Bem Awuhe says

    good or bad he will stay till his mandate expire. no good person in nigeria bring outsiders to come and rule over you.

  42. Hassan Usman Mohammad says

    is not anly leaders every body he must explain in the here after for thet we should be think

  43. Ibrahim Samaila says

    LATE BUHARI MOST COMPLETED 8 year b4 osinbajo will continued another 8 years if u insult me God the wooo

    1. Amesi Innocent Chinweike says


  44. Chioma Elechi says

    Who cares

  45. Garroos Yunus says

    Lawrance bassey &caroline dubi u guys go an kill buhari pls

  46. Umeokechukwu Ephraim Chika says

    If I were to be Buhari coming home I will resign. Do you know the number of people that offered Thanksgiving just for the fact that they heard Buhari is dead. Do you think their desire will not be granted God may wish to answer them . Very unfortunate

    1. Ijato Emmanuel Soji says

      They offer thank given for dieth of. Dare luv once

    2. Amarachi Joy says

      Suffering and smiling soji you are the only one that love your president I see

    3. Peter Marvin says

      Its only Igbo that want Buhari dead but if he dies Osinbanjo will take over not an Igbo man

  47. Sa'eed M Bello says

    Am glad that even when #BUHARI die you #IGBOS (The oyibo’s) and the #KATAF (the blackies) wil never ever Rule this country, so please dn’t stop what u people are doing, and buhari will die oneday, but till his time come..

    1. Amarachi Joy says

      No he will not die buhari must rule till 2023 Lol

    2. Christine Onojade says

      Buhari is immortal!!!!!!!, can’t die never.

  48. Bede Osuji says

    All those dead at this time of APC , the leaders will ans questions before de Almighty God. Many died out of no food.

  49. Musa Garba says

    No body live forever

  50. Princess Etua says

    I just love reading the comments makes me laugh so hard. Just look at the way Hausas praises Buhari even when he is not delivering what he promised. I know one thing God will never let His children suffer so I leave everything to Him.

  51. Kelechi Ajah says

    Why buhari will ever remain dead

  52. Offiong Akpan says

    I wrote off the APC government before it inauguration.

  53. Franklyn Umunnakwe says

    What we are desiring is God’s intervention. Its only him that can make the required change in times like this. Keep praying and let his will be done for we can only say our wish

  54. Isiani Emmanuel says

    Buhari called me this night that he ill come back soon to surprise nigerians dat he is alive, buhari is my good friend. Etc. Be watching buhari soon in nigeria.

  55. Caroline Dabi says


  56. Oyetunji Segun says

    As far as am concerned, I will not wish anybody death but at the same time, one has to think about this man has been handling things in this country. He is somebody that doesn’t forgive and full of pretence. What I hate most is the way he’s being molesting, incaciterating those that are not on the same page with him. worse still is his tendency of intolerance towards critics. The stupid lai Muhammad that ought to be telling him the truth will be busy composing blatant lies on media forgotten that lies is not a lasting element. He said he will not allow any corrupt person in his cabinet but without looking at the proverbial textbook, we can mention numerous thieves in his cabinet. All I know is that he should just resign because through his action he can not even organize his house effectively not talk of a whole nation.

  57. Iwueke Lambert says

    ‘Umar kudu the impostor’ is the title of my own novel.

  58. Suleiman Audu says

    Caro if u die do u knw u will be, be careful what u wish others

  59. Aladum Bright says

    Just passing

  60. Olalekan Kehinde Ismail says

    Let pray 4 nigeria 4 goodness and mercy of God.

  61. Nkanta Idara says

    [email protected] an old mistakes in our newly made dress.

  62. Okpogbodu Obatarhe says

    This the Benefit of Karma Law,Let Bohari Rest in Bed without eating or Drinking,He should feel more pains just as He have Turn many people to Orphans by Killing their Father and Mothers But Christians ,Biafrans as far to Shiat at Zaria in Kaduna state.

  63. Christopher Stubb Duru says

    Buhari is not dead bt he has gone to space and will be back after A decade. Since United Kingdom is space den to hell with him and space

  64. Shehu Usman Umar says

    Okoni Angela, are you not going to die too? Then why are you people wish for our President to die, while every soul must be tested death. So becareful of what you are saying.

  65. Okoni Angela says

    Bihari has die since he came out as a president but Nigeria still think that he’s a live

  66. Ephraim Odalonu says


  67. Godday K. Tekearede says

    Hausa people go and ask you gods. What is happening to you peoples. Abasa died 96 shenikon took over. Shenikon hand over to Obasanjo. Obasanjo hand to yara dual.yara dua died controversial dead. Now buhari want to give us the headech.go and ask yours evil gods to stop encouraging you to kill innocent peoples.

  68. Ismail Ismail says

    Na lie

  69. Gofwan Fwenji Geoffrey says

    Our president is alive come back and rescue 9ja 4rom the hands of looters

  70. Ogbuagu Charles says

    Time to celebrate Nigerians can we go now ?

  71. Blessed Ifeco says

    The death of buhari is a good news is not bad if he dies becu the spirit of BIAFRA’S that have die ve killed him and what he said

  72. Ibok Ibok says

    To me,let Godswill be done.I will advise the general public 2 wait till 6th feb.2017

  73. Stanley Mekino Emeka says

    During the time of ‘Sadan Husain’ the Iraqis openly wish him death and God answered their prayers.. So God can do undo!! Lol. Bible tells us that when King Uzziah died Isaiah see the glory of God, but somethin happened before his death, consult ur Bible…lol

  74. Moradeyo Abdul Ganiy says

    May God have mercy upon us. Wailer’s and haters will die before our able *Pmb*

  75. Abdulazeez Zizo Abdullahi says

    Ole them just becos they no see Money steal again. They wan Make baba die like say them go leave forever God Una ooooooh

  76. Kabiru Musa says

    All your parents and relatives must die first before PMB.

    1. Queen Daisy Noble says

      Same to u.. If it is Nnamdi kalu now u’ll open ur dungeon called mouth to say that he will die in prison. Una never see something

    2. Kabiru Musa says

      like wha6?another civil war or what? who suffered most during the war?

  77. Ejeh Jeremiah Adeyi says

    Let us stop wishing sombody dead bein president or nt

  78. Sammani Ali Ibrahim says

    every soul must taste death, God bls nigeria

  79. Omekannia Som says

    He deserve it

  80. Joseph Juliet says

    Bro Taris .then fast and pray for him, as for me, i don’t even want to hear his name around me. He is a wicked being, there is no diffrent between witch and what he is doing nw. If he lik let him live or die nt my business, but what am asure of is dt. He will reap the evil which he sow.

  81. Don Teddy says

    John Kerimu Irekpita Hello

  82. Spencer Samuel says

    Buhari is A walking dead. Useless like Jonathan the African bufoon.

  83. Solomon Olunna says

    If buhari is alive let him talk

    1. Hamidu Hassan says

      Bad christain the bibble told u that if sombody slap u turn the other for him. U are the spoiling christains. I beg get out

  84. Ime Akpan says

    Any one who point a finger to some one else d remaining four fingers point back to him.if dis man so call president of Nigeria died. Is beter for him. So dat d country can survive.

    1. Cross Sword says

      It’s ignorance and lack of self defense to protect or defend the right to life of someone who denied your people the same right to life. The hausa fulanis have been killing your people and in 2015 the military of hausa fulani origin under the direction of the President bombed A. Ibom. If the lives of your people are not important to the whose desires is to kill them, why should the lives of your killers be important to you.

  85. Kumuyi Wilson says

    anybody that wish his presidet dead,shall meet death as his sentinel this week IJN.

    1. Omekannia Som says

      Agent of evil

    2. Nwankwo Jane says

      Buhari use his hand and wish himself death by his killing

    3. Princess Etua says

      Even u too, though u did urs indirectly by wishing othet Nigerians starvation to death

  86. Aniedi Fred says

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  87. Jonah A M Jalija says

    Death of Mr president will not be the answer to what is happening in our country Nigeria, and also he Will equally not to be blame,, Because the way things are going very soon Nigerian will pick a mad person from the street and make him/Her their President, watch and See

  88. Hussaini Alhassan says

    Alamadulillah for witness another day

  89. Momoh Shaka says

    Anybody who wishes Buhari good #Health, may he or she live in good health. Anybody who wishes him #Dead, may that person see death in his family throughout his or her life time. #Fools & #Ignorance.

    1. Nweke Solomon says


    2. Ayuba Adamu says

      who did he killed

    3. Nwankwo Jane says

      Nobody is wishing Buhari death, but he choose to die. Those people he’s killing are human beings.

    4. Momoh Shaka says

      Who did he killed and how did he kill him, her or them?

    5. Emeka Valentine says

      @momoh saka mind what you say, or it will be upon you, #Becarefull.

    6. Momoh Shaka says

      Emeka valentine, like what do u think i said that would be upon me? Can you rule ur community for just one day? Talkless of a country for 4 years. Did u ever say anything good of Goodluck Jonathan If not wen he has left office? Wat abt Obasanjo? If not d fact dat Ya’adua died earlier, before anybody could say Jack Robinson, Nigeria dat ar sayind he is best president would av found blame(s) in him. We d Nigerianz need to wake up and realise dat Rome was not build in a day. China experience more than f harfship Nigeria is experiencing years back, todaynko? Lets pray for d betterment of our great country Nigeria. That’s All.

    7. Princess Etua says

      It’s very simple, law of karma”” if u wish anyone death both directly or indirectly (such as starvation) u will end up dead too. So who so ever support the cause of our economy problems now may law of karma visit him and also who is the cause.

    8. Victor Ulueme says

      Momoh saka, as the commander in chief of all arms forces if he gave order for instance that while he is going on vacation, any body who celebrate the American president innaugurtion should be killed and they actually kill. Now use your tongue to count your teeth.

    9. Momoh Shaka says

      Shay you guyz are Nigeria citizens? Why dont you contest for any position and make dis Great Country as you wanted it to be. After all, you will be entitle to 4 years in office as buhari. And stop wishing someone dead my friends.

    10. Raymond Ekwok says

      You and your whole family will die for wishing him good health

    11. Momoh Shaka says

      Hahahaha… Raymond or whatever ur name is, yes i will die one day. But no matter how long u live, u will die aome-say. U dont even av d power to say how long u will live. Will u ever live like metusella. Nonsence. Poor man wey see rich man, he dey shout #blood money.

    12. Christine Onojade says

      Abeg who E EPP?,let him come and resume his work the one they voted him for,the one he is being paid for, he belongs to Nigerians, he is a public servant,6th Feb …..loading..

    13. Momoh Shaka says

      Christine. That day will come to pass.

  90. Ifeanyi Ijeh says

    I dont care if Buhari alive or dead i will keep celebrating his dead becos he a wicked ruler who doesnt care about the unity of Nigerians.l was of a sensable mind when he became a Military Head of state then people suffered and dead anyhow without a feeling 4them the same is happening today.The bible says that when a wicked person die people rejoice, but when a good person die the people cry out their eyes,so whether u are alive or dead it doesnt make any sense to me.

    1. Aminu Danladi Sadiq says

      Ifeayi, God go punish u, ur parents n ur fucking relatives, idiot, nonesense.

    2. Ze Gwamna says

      On point ifanyi.

    3. Peter Marvin says

      This is why an Igbo man can never rule Nigeria ..

    4. Rita Okoroji says

      @Aminu that your same Allah is already punishing and your generations

    5. Mitcheal Onyedika says

      Peter who cares? Igbo’s are for Biafra. Eat your Nigeria.

    6. Ifeanyi Ijeh says

      Aminu,Am not surprise at ur comment becos is obvious that u are a school dropout or a frustrated element or not properly brought up by ur parents or what u beleive,Curses from u dont disturb me or have no effect on me becos God did not curse me,so ur curse is completely useless to me,Mind u God have started purnishing u guys if u look around sincerely u will see that and l own no apology to u,Also when the needs arise l must air my view,

  91. Sesan Olabanji says

    The best thing is for Mr president to be careful, no British citizen will say that to Queen Elizabeth instead every one keep saying God bless the Queen,but when your subject feels pain from your ruling the next thing is to pray for God to take you but the power of death and life is with God,but he needs yo be careful.

  92. Oluremi Abiona says

    If Buhari did not die at d end of d day, he must be born again, he needs to change his ways of life, lt baffles me y a president could be hated so much DT almost everybody wish him dead! Its a bad signal! He needs to change or resign.

    1. Akintola Meephtaudeen says

      He is not hated by everybody but those with hangover of defeat

    2. Inojie Donny Osagie says

      @ taudeen Ya u are right, it is not everyone that hates him, those of you that claim to love him have no option either because you are a Muslim, or your are a Hausa Fulani or someone benefiting from this government . which ever it is, your type are just the reason why our leaders keep taking us for granted. Cos they know we are divided on ethnic and religious grounds. Imagine with all this economic hardship u still believe u have a working president. My brother you need God and conscience. Ah ah, ,must u follow what u are told to do in the mosque. Even if you are suffering Dont complain. Bros get your own life, religion has become slavery to Africans

    3. Kebiru Yahaya says

      @inojie same reason you wish him dead.

    4. Taris Michael says

      Is either u are a beneficial of he last regime that’s why u can’t do away the defect of two years, election have come and gone but u are still suffering from the defect of march 28 2015 every reasonable person knw where our problem started. If the quagmire we fine ourselves in as a nation is cause by this government but the larger part of the blame should go to the past wasted 16yrs of PDP, they had the opportunity to change things for good in this country but rather they chose to squander away during the rainy days.
      After 16yrs what did they left us with book haram in the north, militant in the south south, herdsmen in the middle belt, corruption in every corner of the country, no electricity, no railway it was so bad thty they left office while they where still owning salaries of civil servants. Now pple who dont want our country to move forward are praying for the death of a man who is trying his best to take us out the 16yrs of rot, the God who put PMB there and with the payers of the Good pple of Nigeria will be with him.

    5. Taris Michael says

      Class Article. Same thing I’ve been saying for years. only people who have risen above this our African thinking will understand this article, while those who are comfortable in their mediocre thinking will continue to stigmatize a man who only inherited the mess their hero left behind.

    6. Ijato Emmanuel Soji says

      Looters families most wish him died

    7. Peter Marvin says

      We know the Nnamdi KANU followers wish him dead but they are not God

    8. Christine Onojade says

      Hmm…common sense …..I hear its now rare……

  93. Abu Mustapha says

    May god punish who send this bihari picture

    1. Ubong Stephen says
    2. Nnamdi Hyacinth Moore says

      And may God punish d mouth dat cursing someone bcs of Buhari

  94. Abu Mustapha says

    Allah katsine ma Wanda ya aiko da wanan sak o ubanshi be zai mutu a wulakanchi

  95. Odi Doubler says

    Do you want to become a millionaire within 7nights with no stress? if yes then contact me on my phone no: 07016207527 and feel free to inbox me Odidoublar temple the money spiritualist.

  96. Nsofor Chukwuemeka says

    In Igboland, immidiatly one is rumoured to be dead ,all importance and reverence attached to that person are all withdrawn,this is a subconscious position no ill feelings attached,the person will just be there floating about until his final demise.

  97. Umar Kudu says

    This title remind me of my novel tittled. “Why Biafra will ever remain dead”.

    1. Nsofor Chukwuemeka says

      If Biafra remains dead will it resurrect Nigeria?Biafra may be dead to you but very much alive to the real Biafrans!

    2. Umar Kudu says

      I disagree. Your leaders r ur problem. Get their support and u will get Biafra. Honesty we r as tired as u even more.

    3. Umar Kudu says

      Staying together

    4. Then divorce na

  98. Advo Tommy says

    The Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba Muslims should start speaking in tongue and Baba will come back to life.

    1. Abdulrahman Yusuf says

      U ARE A GOAT U CLAIM U HAS 3in1GOD foolishman .

    2. Christine Onojade says


  99. Lawrence Bassey says

    Hello buhari are u stil alive why not why na

    1. Hamidu Hassan says

      Hello lowrence bassey are ustill alive why not why na

  100. Dauda Jephta says

    for me pmb will come to do d good he hav started wish well u sir

    1. Ubong Stephen says

      God bless u. I am in support of his normative .

    2. Princess Etua says

      Are u blind? What good has he done, pls mention just one. Things are getting bad ur saying good things. U better wake-up if ur sleeping.

    3. Toyin Adeniji says

      D person may b talkin of Npower

  101. Dauda Jephta says

    for me pmb will come to do d good he hav started wish well sit

  102. Dauda Jephta says

    All those that are wishing him death are all evil b/cos in christianity the bible tell us to love each other then y ar u pples wishin d only that hav this nation in heart death, u ppls should back read ur religion book pls

    1. Ochiabuto Ndubuisi says


    2. Nsofor Chukwuemeka says

      Mr dauda you are one of those that misunderstand Christianity,sir there is nothing wrong or unchristian for a Christian to wish the demise of the person that has killed several of them, this is human nature and since we are all human beings, its normal.

    3. Basil Kalu says

      Omo cee aboki with grammar, come aboki wot hv u benefited 4rm Buhari govt?

    4. Please go and save your people from Fulani murderers

    5. Stanley Mekino Emeka says

      During the time of ‘Sadan Husain’ the Iraqis openly wish him death and God answered their prayers.. So God can do undo!! Lol. Bible tells us that when King Uzziah died Isaiah see the glory of God, but somethin happened before his death, read ur Bible very well…lol

    6. Nwankwo Jane says

      God told us in our own holy book “Suffer not a witch to live”. Somebody will not ask for your neck and you are still praying. Many of us did not receive that kind of anointing.

    7. Eze Doreen says

      Yet the Bible says we should not suffer any witch to live. The same Bible told us how David killed Goliath. How Samson killed the Philistines whenever they attacked the Israelites. How Abraham fought and killed the mobite who took away his nephew lot and rescued him. Keep praying and loving your enemies who are bent on terminating your life.

    8. Eze Doreen says

      My prayer is that let all those who wish me dead, die and let me bury them. Nonsense.

    9. Dauda Jephta says

      come ooo u knows that Jesue christ die for all of us n die notb/cos we are rign bot to safe us from out sin n he live d jugement for me then y ar we wish someone death? rmba u also juge fr that pls stop my dear igbo bros

    10. Dauda Jephta says

      come ooo u knows that Jesue christ die for all of us n die notb/cos we are rign bot to safe us from out sin n he live d jugement for me then y ar we wish someone death? rmba u also juge fr that pls stop my dear igbo bros

    11. Okoro Josephat says

      My brother the Bible is a two edged sword, it also said suffer not a witch to live, when you invoke holy ghost fire on your enemies what do you mean? Go to mountain on fire ministry to get the answer.

    12. Simon Aduma Edward says

      Is Dauda the sexy guy back?

  103. Ejike Franklin Oruh says

    Taaaaaaaaaa, i don’t care

  104. Ayuba Gyang says

    Am not wishing my president death or alive, but let God take control. Live go on

    1. Okpolua Eseoghene says

      Same hear

    2. Okpolua Eseoghene says

      Whichever one let God will be done that’s all

    3. Hamidu Hassan says

      Slow poisings

  105. Taris Michael says

    Nigerians will never learn, when we all pray for the death of Abacha the then President because things where difficult for Nigerians under him, when he finally died there was celebration in all parts of the country but it is unfortunate that nothing change after his death. Nigerians keep suffering, praying that the president should die is not the solution to the problems the country is in right now,
    Let’s all pray for our leaders as the both bible and Koran employ us to do because there success is for us all so as there failure is for us all too.

    1. Daniel Ezewuike says

      Over Sabi person

    2. Taris Michael says

      U can call it ever but pple that are praying for his death forget one thing that death can take anyone at appointed time either young or old, the man might old but that dose not mean he will die before. Pray u God should give u old age .

    3. Enebe Celestine says

      YOUR family is next to be killed by buhari/ el rufia, that Will happen soon. Can I hear you shout a big Amen

    4. Enebe Celestine says

      Mumu Christian

    5. Winifred Ene says

      don’t say that their success is ours it’s not because Nigeria politicians never care about the people who bring them into power

    6. Taris Michael says

      Do u knw how many of my relatives that died during the time if ur Good luck boko haram the once in military and civilian, but God knows I never pray for GEJ’s to die rather I pray for a change of leadership even if things are not going the way I want I will still pray for a change in leadership but praying for a fellow to die is ungodly,

    7. Taris Michael says

      The success of a leader is for all so the failure of a leader, prices of things in the market is affecting us all, the high exchange rate is affecting, the insecurity is tourching everyone of us either direct or indirect, they polices the make affect all of us, if u pray for the president to fail in one way or the other it is going to affect all of us.

    8. Basil Kalu says

      Mr learner, which right direction ‘re we heading to, instead d situation is worsening every day…nke i kwutere iwere isi gi buru

    9. Uchenna Mike says

      Wot we need is break up……. God has turn his back on Nigeria…….. Lord lugar make d worse mistake ever by being 2 different people together

    10. Abubakar Rabi says

      may God bless u taris dnt mind those idole worshipers. God oder us to pray for our leaders no matter what condition. it is true so manytinz went wrong the reasonable nigerians know that the problem has been existing for decade now so y the hatred and bad wishes for a leader who is trying his best. Assuming 90 percent of us can reason like this, thingz wil get better.Now our major problem is religion difference, this is the opportunity country like America was looking for to dis unite us,gradually their dream is coming true. we need to wake up and stop this nonsence before is too late, i know fools will still rant i rest my case.

    11. Taris Michael says

      The situation is getting worse because God is answering ur pray, that is why u should change ur prayer point if u want things to get better.

    12. Auwal Abdullahi Laushi says

      Good Talk From Good Person; Taris

    13. Nwankwo Jane says

      With such leaders that shed innocent blood? Suffer not a witch to……, not my word ooo, but from God himself.

    14. Shiton Yakubu Bundimka says

      Someone wil exus his energy making sense try to commune while other wil jus come in and type mumu, wen their view to bring in opinion. nawa ooh

    15. Temitope A Adeleke says

      @ Tatris Michael You are on point,Don’t mind my people, buhari this buhari that ,you want him dead,even if he dies it would not change anything, we all need to change our attitude,we are all guilty, Imagine this same set of Christian s will carry their bibles on Sunday and go to church and ask for Gods forgiveness at the same time wishing some one dead what an irony

    16. Taris Michael says

      That is the level hypocrisy we have in this country, while citizens of other nations u here them saying God bless the Queen, God America, we are here placing curses on our country and it leaders.

    17. Princess Etua says

      #tari am tired of praying for Nigeria, it problem is too big so I will just concentrate on me and my family

    18. Taris Michael says

      Yes by the time every family start praying for there family the change will desire will come.

    19. Taris Michael says

      D problem of Nigerian people is dat we too like corruption just cos he stop people looting our national cake now dey didn’t see money spent like b4 dey are all complaining instead of u people to come out plain to tell d president to do something fast about d economy.under Jonathan Nigerian didn’t ve d best economy is just formality.cos I’m still wondering how come d best economy will collapsed within two years it showed d foundation of d economy is on top of fence.moreover our economy stabled den cos dere is no economy recession den.d major problem we are facing now is cos our pass leaders refused to plan ahead dats y all dis is happening to us.let stop insulting our leaders even we Youths dats all sayn different things on facebook if dey give us d power today our own will waste

    20. Mitcheal Onyedika says

      You are talking nonsense, how old are you?

    21. Taris Michael says

      Knowledge is not by age

  106. Achonwa Kaykay says

    The significance of this whole thing is not encouraging at all ,to Nigerians the president who can watch over 200 people massacred without lifting a finger is dead ,a leader who can send armed forces to shoot innocent protesters is dead , a President whose policies had seen to the starvation of the highly impoverished citizens is indeed dead .This is what Nigerians are expressing so whether dead or alive Nigerians have given up on him that is the crux of the matter .But for me I scarcely blame Mr President ,people don’t change at their old age my blame goes to the docile and gullible Nigerians who put the destinies of this nation on the fragile shoulders of a weak and incompetent fellow who cannot be identified with any worthwhile thing since leaving office 30 years ago .

    1. Emma Harford says

      GOD bless you real good. U’re my friend henceforth. It’s pathetic my brother.

    2. Obasi Chieloka Godwin says

      Hit on the Nail.

    3. Ata Ademola says

      U have said it all, nothing but truth. God bless you.

    4. Sunday Ogunniyi says

      Yes. Nigerian made an unfortunate mistake in 2015. We are in the worst government in Nigeria’s history. Nigeria is in mourning mood, shedding tears of blood today. I am surprise Mbaka or any G.O. could not forsee this evil coming.

    5. Emmanuel Fakas says

      Sunday Ogunniyi, we foresaw it coming but Jonathan a Christian president failed God by the level of lies, deceit, fraud and corruption he accommodated in his govt. Next time a Christian gets to power we must encourage him to lead righteously.

    6. Amos Olubunmi Olubobokun says

      @ Emmanuel Fakas, you seems not to understand “Nigeria” politics. Who made Obasanjo the President? Who “allowed ” Jonathan to become President? The duo are the bought decoy of the IBB and the northern forces. They were absolutely not in charge but did the biddings of their “Masters” funding boko haram, Almajiris etc. Regional Restructuring is the ONLY way out. True fiscal federalism before we are all killed and Islamized.

    7. Safiyu Mafindi says

      The death of rats yesterday is not different if mouse are dying today.

    8. Amos Olubunmi Olubobokun says

      @ Safiyu Mafindi, What was killing the rat yesterday and the killing of mouse today will cease and go into extinction in hell.

    9. Okwudiri Rita says

      My role model, tnx but remember he did not win d election. He was rigged in by Jega. Have u forgotten the under-aged children in d Northern part who thumb printed in other to let Buhari occupy d presidency? I really cry for this Country called Nigeria

    10. Kaliwana Ali says

      I commend you

    11. Muftau Jamiu says

      Kaykay face your problems is not by force for you to like Buhari nor his policies,the era of chua chua and ghana must go is gone,we are totally in support of Buhari so also we are pleading to him to continue till 2027,go and repent one of your pastor in the name of Abioye i quote said anybody that is crying of recession is a sinner therefore go and repent and leave Buhari out of your problem or else your problem continue for Buhari No Shaking

    12. Udezue Ifeoma Christiana says

      Where is Tinubu deaf nd dumb

    13. Chinasa Chuks says

      @jamiu pls dnt put sentiments when talking abt general issues bcos it will nt solve d probs bt add rancor

    14. Ahmed Adam says

      Politics we say, dis is politics. Selfinterest is what u guys ar fighting for y can’t we speak d truth our past government had blindfold us now PMB is trying to unfold our eyes we ar scandalizing malicious gossip. Death is a gift of nature whether he’s died or not is not d contest d contest is aw to assist him to uphold d country nd stop corruption.

    15. Mathew Ike says

      True took

    16. Abubakar Nda Kara says
    17. Nnamdi Hyacinth Moore says

      Abeg who gave his phones to #Jamiu & #Ahmed n who taught them how to facebook?
      The person should go n collect it frm them nw b4 I bomb person nw

    18. Peter Marvin says

      Jonathan that lost the election has moved on with his life but the igbos cannot .. Its a pity

    19. Onyinye Uche Idoko says

      Peter Marvin mind u dat GEJ is not from igbo jst incase u have 4goten. D truth remains dat Buhari is not capable 2 lead dis country

    20. Egbuonu Linda says

      I stand with you, Buhari and APC has failed us. Whether dead or alive, naija are mourning already.

    21. Philip Nana Edafe says


  107. Otegbeye Oluwaseyi says

    God take control

    1. Dike Kingsley Chinedu says


    2. Otegbeye Oluwaseyi says

      Yes o

  108. Nwachukwu Kenechukwu says

    Let him die,cus he doesn’t value the life of Nigerians

    1. Ubong Stephen says
  109. Musa Bala Ibrahim says

    MY God said to his prophet u will dead also the will die: No one will remain in this world. If you are praying to PMB to die but he is still a life

    1. Dike Kingsley Chinedu says

      Come Musa, what are u benefiting from his president? U no get sense?

    2. Giwa Ayo says

      Omo cee English o

    3. Giwa Ayo says

      Incomprehensible grammar

    4. Onyinyechi Nkele Egbiri says

      Oh my God,dis grammer fit paralyse person. Na waoo

    5. Musa Bala Ibrahim says

      Dike even I am not get anything or benefits anything some get it Buhari he is a honesty man in the world sorry to say

    6. Musa Bala Ibrahim says

      Buhari is a life

    7. Cliff Micheal says

      I dnt blame u @all musa,u speak exactly like ur bubu.
      I can c u don’t go tru d daily news, its pathetic hw hunger n starvation is dealing wit ur pple in d northeast.
      Its only a goat dat strives 4 a walking ghost 2 b his preside.
      B wise

    8. Musa Bala Ibrahim says

      Thank you so much for that @ cliff: we must cry after he is not around: Cliff no any religion that said u insulting ur leader both Islam and Christian go back and check out Bible and see. All those things that he is doing u are not see it, Long life Mr PMB we are praying for you to continue up to the End of ur life

    9. Aduba Uche Moses says

      Chai aboki and bad english

    10. Shiton Yakubu Bundimka says

      It’s only a fool that can throw and insult on fb, knwinly wel that any person can return sametin back. fb motor park were dog r asemble 4 abatuer.

    11. Princess Etua says

      But he didn’t promise to use all Nigeria money for health treatments

    12. Marques Calu says

      Muslims dnt argue constructively with der despicable grammar.fucking jahadist,terrorist n alimajiri

    13. Marques Calu says

      Muslims dnt argue constructively with der despicable grammar.fucking jahadist,terrorist n alimajiri

    14. Amarachi Joy says

      Chalk kill their English teacher ooo so don’t blame them.Jonathan try his best to send them to school by building schools for them yet no way

    15. Edwin Rachel says

      Lol.. The grammar na dead.. Just like PMB

  110. Victor Bigbone says

    dead or alive,who cares.afterall he means notting to me.case closed.

  111. Onyekwere Okorie says

    Whats so special if the idiot die after all his life is worthless to mankind.

    1. Hamidu Hassan says

      Na ur papa be idiot

    2. Princess Etua says

      Hassan hope ur getting paid for all this defence ur providing, hahaha

  112. Adeyemi Olakunle says


  113. Okeke David says

    Evil ,coward,killer,clueless,corrupt Buhari is dead.

    1. Muhammad Yahaya says

      nd u stupid, idiot, fool should live forever, nonsense!!

    2. Okeke David says

      The God of our Fathers shall wipe out Buhari and his generations,even u his [email protected]

    3. Peter Marvin says

      Okeke David lives in Lagos , pack and go to Biafra idiot

  114. Caroline Dabi says

    He will die and rot in hell

    1. Mohammed Ayitogo says

      And you should live 4va. Nonsense

    2. Muhammad Yahaya says

      nd u stay till eternity, nonsense!!!

    3. Sonsy Bliss says

      See aboki d fools!

  115. Caroline Dabi says

    He must die

    1. Hamidu Hassan says

      caroline dabi u must die

    2. Musa Garba says

      Then you will forever

  116. Idowu Lawal Promised Land says

    God wiI h messi on 9G

  117. Yusuf Gyang says

    Hmmmmmmmm, sai kallo

  118. Nsa Edet says

    any attempt on the lives Gods servants is like signing, their death warrant. so I am surprise if anyone that support that move dies

    1. Hamidu Hassan says

      Nsa Edet exactly

  119. Eluchie T Nduka says

    Am not wishing my president and cannot wish him dead. But let no one think that the judgement of God will not fall on those leaders who have turned our country upside down making it polluted with the blood of innocent citizens. Those who are encouraging massacre of Gods creation for no just cause. The hand of God will come heavy against them in Jesus Name. Believe it or not it will come to pass. Watch!!!

    1. Smart Shadrack says

      AMEN O

    2. Bogoro Anthony says


    3. Asanya Emmanuel says


    4. Wemimo Ayiloge says


    5. Emy Odinga says


    6. Mosunmola Comfort Sunday says

      Amen, u av spoken

    7. Ikechukwu Onyerisara says

      Amen and Amen

    8. Akanwa Gift E. says


    9. Jacob Okolo Solomon says

      Amen my brother

    10. Tagher Iveren says

      Yesoooo…….. Amen

    11. Kasiaka Johnson says


    12. Philip Chimaobi Onwunaruwa says

      Brother you spoke quite well. There is great maturity in your diction. I love that,sincerely i do.

    13. Ngozi Greg says

      Thanks brother

    14. Blessing Ngbede says

      Amen oooo.

    15. Obinna Onyibor says

      St nduka

    16. Inemesit Ekanem says


    17. Gosiola Maryann says

      Amen ooo

    18. Awopetu Olumuyiwa says


    19. Emem Ubong says


    20. Ekpe Mahmud says

      No any futher comment than to say Amen and Amin

  120. Emeka Valentine says

    It’s better for him to die, b/cos he has misused the financial resources of our country.

    1. Adeboyejo Omoniyi Niyi says

      He will come back to burry your parents.

    2. Victor Nwogu says

      Sorry for you a dead man is a dead man, he has died even before he became the President

    3. Kehinde Salahudeen Monsur says

      Victory and Emeka if the President his not die,am advice you people to go and kill your fathers for the sake of country, which am very sure that u don’t av a good father before,if ur fathers die now Nigerian will jubilate than diet of President, at list the alive of ur father is burdens to his people or is that not drunker man,will can do exchange of his live for the life of Mr President. Ruminat fellows

    4. Emeka Valentine says

      @ kehinde I don’t blame you b/cos you speak like PMB, go and learn how to speak.

    5. Taris Michael says

      He die while u remain here forever is just turn by turn Bro.

    6. Basil Kalu says

      C aboki with grammar, pls hu understands what dis is saying

  121. Yunusa Rosy Talba says

    Ehi, its ur father that will remain dead. I mean that retired arm robber.

    1. Victor Nwogu says

      If he’s not dead where is him?

    2. Abubakar Rabi says

      victor go nd learn english language.

    3. Uchenna David Uzochukwu says

      Abubakar upload ur pic,fool!Idiotcat!

  122. Kareem Abiodun says


  123. Ali Muhammed says

    Is all this useless igbo people’s that are after dis rubbish. SAI BABA 2019

    1. Chika Williams Okibe says

      Ewu! Its only a wild goat that thrives for a walking ghost to be their president

    2. Mike Nwogu says

      These grammer is too much for Mohammed to understand

    3. Emeka Valentine says

      Thunder go strike that ur mouth.

    4. Sunday Ogunniyi says

      Ali, what have benefitted from Buhari’s life. Nigerian are dying of hunger and you want Buhari to live? I am groaning in pains of Buhari’s bad economic policies!

    5. Abubakar Rabi says

      lazy [email protected] emmeka, sunday and nwogu even when gej was in power ur condition never changed dnt go and work had poverty will kill u and kip blaming govt. our president is alive and in sound health. Allah will surely put u guys to shame. unu bu anu ofia

    6. Amaka Onyemaobi says

      Look at this fool what is igbo own there boy ur mad o

    7. Basil Kalu says

      Any aboki that says d leadership of Buhari is gud, the condition on 9ga shall b part of ur family in JESUS name

    8. Omekannia Som says

      Ewu alusi, animal

    9. Abubakar Rabi says

      Amaka are u angry dat i speak ur dialet am a Nigerian. or u tink every body is dumb headed like u. biko si eba puar kai fu anya

    10. Princess Etua says

      @abubakar, things were never as expensive as it’s now. Ur president is chasing away investors, companies are closing down and the cost of living is very high, there by increasing the rate of theft and starvation and ur saying people shouldn’t complain. They have right to complain cause for two years now ur baba has done nothing positive.

    11. Princess Etua says

      U can try to write my native language too but it won’t change the fact that ur blinded by ur tradition to stick with ur baba for better or for worse. Presidential seat is not a place for anyone to come n try his ruling power if u can’t do it then stop wasting everyone time, get up n take a walk.

  124. Ayuba Abubakar Njidda says

    your very stuping to said this negative

    1. Onyinyechi Nkele Egbiri says

      Ur grammer self i no understand am

  125. Julius Egho says

    Let he die go

    1. Hamidu Hassan says

      Julius are u alive die now

  126. Grema Mohammed says

    Allah yasenewa Wanda yabata wan nan photon

    1. Musa Solomon says

      Allah ya tsine mai tsinewa.

  127. Udeme Udo says

    if buhari dies buharecession is no more

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