Who killed President Buhari?

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By Ehi Ekhator

Buhari was a great man, he meant well for the country, he struggled to become the President of Nigeria after contesting four times but as it was expected, Nigeria killed President Muhammadu Buhari before his time.

CoffinsBefore the Presidential election, the 72 years old man was brimming with thoughts. He was the one seeing the amusement from an outer perspective, he had the key, he visualized, anticipated and proffer solution from the solace of his room, while his party, All Progressives Congress were singing tunes of distress for the country, storing the fault of the issue on the head of the previous President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who hailed from Niger Delta locale of the nation.

A year and three months after the assumption of office, President Buhari has been pronounced dead. It seems every time a president is chosen from the Northern part of the country, they kick the bucket before they could finish their presidency.

The Late President, Musa Yar’Adua was elected on the 21 April 2007 and passed in 2010 in some place in Saudi Arabia. Muhammadu Buhari, who is currently dead alive scarcely put in a year prior to his death.

Buhari, though, not below six feet is dead and buried in Nigeria. There is different between alive and living. Buhari at the moment may be alive but he is no longer living. His peace has been sold and his brain hijacked by hate. The President only defense is to bark against anyone who criticizes him as he does not have solution to the problem Nigeria is engulfed in.

When he doesn’t have anybody to toss into prison through his numerous canines, he points the finger at Jonathan and now, he blames Niger Delta Avenger.

President Muhammadu Buhari departs on a 3-day official visit to Kenya
President Muhammadu Buhari departs on a 3-day official visit to Kenya

Since Buhari came into power, around 272 organizations have closed down including Nigeria prominent and pleased organization Innosun. Air Contractors had recently suspended operation till further notice and that implies numerous Nigerians are laid off.

“A total of 4,580,602 people have lost their jobs since May 29, 2015. Portfolio investment declined to an estimated $245.3m in Q2 2016. This represents a 9.5% from $271.0m in Q1 2016 & is a far cry from $2.81bn in Q2 2015, according Deji Adeyanju, PDP director of new media.

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He added “Our dismay is worsened by the fact that every sphere of the Nigerian socio-political space (ranging from the conduct of elections, human rights, respect for the rule of law, security, technology, health etc) is negatively affected by the Buhari administration,” Mr. Adeyanju said.

Innosun announced its shut down on the 31st of August due to lack of foreign exchange to import vehicle components. Meanwhile Buhari gave an order to make foreign currency available to Muslims who went for pilgrimage.

According to National Bureau of Statitics, Nigeria’s receission had worsened with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropping to -2.06 per cent for the second quarter.

The Chairman of IVM, Innocent Chukwuma said ““Production has stopped as we are waiting for the imported items for which there is forex issue,” Chukwuma stated. IVM was launched in 2010 and raised its annual production target for 2016 from 4,000 to 6,000 vehicles due to a ‘Made in Nigeria’ campaign that generated strong sales to the police, state agencies and churches.

“Those ambitions and plans no more look good if the promises of the government to assist fails to materialise. I believe they are doing something, but if they can’t do anything, we would be forced to lay off workers,” Chukwuma said.”

Muslim praying along Benin Ore-Road
Muslim praying along Benin Ore-Road

Rather than to put heads together or at least listen to the cry of the people, recently Buhari proposed a bill to seek an emergency power so he can fix the problem of the nation singlehandedly. Really? The problem all his economic teams could not fix, Buhari will just use the emergency power fix it within a week or one month?

The President was searching for an approach to render the effectively elastic stamped National Assembly pointless so he can continue what he is known for. Buhari is the 92th world known tyrant, as indicated by United States records and giving him such a force would have and would be awful and lamentable.

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Who killed President Buhari? Nigerians are suffering, bag of rice is now N22,000 over a hundred percent increase, bag of cement from N1200 to N2400. Transportation has increased and there is rumour that Buhari administration is planning to bump up the suffering of the people by increasing the text and calling tax and the price of kerosene.

Power has not improved; campaign promise to feed children one square meal per day has been denied, N5000 stipend guaranteed unemployment youths have been renounced. As indicated by Chris Ngige, they can’t pay such a sum to languid Nigerians.

The price of Indomie has escalated; garri is now what Nigerians called “Kingsway”. Medicare has increased, and it was shamefully disclosed the other time that Aso rock clinic didn’t have tablets after budgeting billions.

Buhari is dead. He was a great man, he did all he could but he died untimely death. Upon all the suffering of the plebs, in an attempt to defend the situation, Presidency on Wednesday blamed the Niger Delta militants for the present issue. It asserted that different parts of his government are enhancing with the exception of the oil segment which is being devastated consistently by the militants, indicating that Mr. Buhari might not be ready to accept growing calls for a new policy direction.

“A close look at the data shows that this outcome was mostly due to a sharp contraction in the oil sector due to huge losses of crude oil production as a result of vandalisation and sabotage.

“However, the rest of the Q2 data is beginning to tell a different story. There was growth in the agricultural and solid minerals sectors which are the areas in which the Federal Government has placed particular priority,” Mr. Akande said.

Mr. Lai Mohammed has bit by bit pulled his head in as he couldn’t longer bear to negate himself. The heft of the fall have been set on Mr. Akande’s head.

Lai Mohammed had stopped talking about the numerous trips made by Buhari to different part of the world after his assumption of office. When Nigerians were screaming at the rate at which the President was travelling and even tag him “tourist President”, APC accused the PDP of masterminding the whole issue, claiming that the visit was already yielding result. I swear, i no see any result yet.

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When Nigerians were crying at the time it took Buhari to select his minsters and even the time to move into Aso Rock, his apologists claimed he knew what he was doing. Again, i swear, we never see wetin em dey do.

Who killed President Buhari? The security circumstance he guaranteed was terrible amid the last administration is currently more regrettable under his own time. A reasonable percent of the crime is being committed by the President owner’s quarter called Fulani who now have power to commit crimes and also release a press statement to assure the government of another planned attack.

No one is being arrested. We now live in a country where a Muslim man can suddenly stop his vehicle, alight and then kneel on the other lane to pray while everyone waits behind to finish, yet nothing happens. The only one who needs to be sent to prison is a man who named his dog Buhari.

Who killed President Buhari? I can assure you that even Prof. Osinbajo is on live support. Tinubu is contemplating on the next line of defence. To indicate there is fire on the mountain, his wife had accused the Federal government of not keeping to promises made.

The Bring Back Our Girls organisation is now neglected; Chibok girls the President promised to rescue a week after his assumption are still in the forest producing unwanted babies for their abductors while the President has the guts to ignore the parents’ protests.

Acknowledging that there is a problem could be the first step to a solution and the hardest part of forgiveness is to say I AM SORRY. Buhari has so much pride that he could not come down to apologise to Nigerians for transgressions, lies and deceit.

Who murdered my able and capable President, who did this to Nigeria? Actually, we did! Chikena!


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  1. Daniel Emmanuel says

    #allhailBiafraallhailBiafraallhailBiafraallhailBiafraallhailBiafra #freennamdikanufreennamdikanufreennamdikanu #freeBiafrafreeBiafra 23d September 2016.

  2. Daniel Emmanuel says

    all hail Biafra

  3. Emem Murphy says

    If buhari is death dat,s not d end ooo bcoz is going to phase alot in hell oo .he wil also work 4 d beast .r.i.p k go to hell fire soon tinubu obj wil join u.

  4. Peter Onyenobi says

    we dey find meat for soup,kpomo too dey raise hand,see me see igbira wey fulani colonise too dey talk?.wonders shall never end..Am talkin to u,Abdulmutalab Ohize

  5. Emmanuel Ikpatt says

    Some boko haram and herdsmen will still post rubbish praising brainless and lifeless old man who does not know left from right. My happiness is that those idiots aboki and APC supporters who comment blindly and stupidly to this post are suffering more than us in South-South & South-East.

  6. Wetin concerns me, am a biafran.
    God bless Biafra iseeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Gbenga Ogundare says

    You people are just ranting for nothing ,you dont need to tranfer aggressions because the present government takes a bold steps to stop your illegal activities to make money at expense of nigerian.no business as usuall, no free money ,bunkering and vandals are dealt with on daily bases .minority cannot distract majority Gen Mohammed Buhari for 2nd term insha Allahu

  8. Franca Dung Choji says

    I hope u wil leave till dat time

  9. Jiji Jack says

    hmmmm cold

  10. Okafor C J Chinonso says

    Hmmmmm no comment yet

  11. Dennis Ngozi says

    Buhari was killed in gun state

  12. Okiki Akinnibosun says

    it obvious dat muslims are blind.I knew dey wud back an old fool collegue.wen odas say d reality dey say unrealistic tinz.my pple una don enta ONE CHANCE

  13. Lucky Nkuku says

    3rd tenure 4 buharii

  14. Christan Iheme Atu says


  15. Samuel Pam says

    Who kill president Buhari?

  16. Mukhtar Ibrahim says

    who cares hou long he rules let him spend eternity on the throne na him sabi the evil that men do lives after them

  17. Sonny Aigbomobe says

    You wish him dead, but he will live long to bury you one after the other.

  18. Itz Garba Abdul says

    Long live.
    President BuHaRi.

  19. Rose Demawa says

    Those who wish people dead die before them

  20. Mahmud Shuru says

    It is those that loot the nation wealth.

  21. Itz Prechi Eyekpimi says


  22. Kalu Destiny says

    The must confused idiot on earth..mugabe of zimbabwe who is 92yrs is even more better than this Hausa fulani cow

  23. Prince Zaki says

    Buri never see anyting

  24. Abdulrahman Ohize says

    The thieves among Nigerian (TAN), the Oil-theft industrial mafia area boys on social media, the terrorist/militant sponsors, the hypocrite & sycophants are the people who are so angry with PMB today, For them. PMB’s Presidency means, it is no longer business as usual. We are thankful to GOD that Nigeria has been rescued from drifting to the point of no return. Nigeria is not for the criminal elements among the people. May GOD guide & safeguard PMB together with his team of nation-builders in the Herculean task to salvage Nigeria from the wrecked of our own making & may GOD bless Nigeria. Amen!

    1. Felix Awama says

      U re a fool

    2. Abdulrahman Ohize says

      Felix, u are just an area-boy, who never acquired any skill or training but a political thug. Today u are frustrated, because there is no more free money for u. Go & get training to have skill or education & stop fooling around. If not, what work were u doing under the defeated Jonathan-PDP led government which the PMB government have stopped u today from doing? Which allowance were u taking as feeding money under Jonathan that PMB have stopped the payment to u? U are a thief.

    3. Adejumo Olukunlealade says

      Go away with your nonsensical comment. Nincompoop

    4. Earnestyanu Atojuegbe says


    5. Amos Izuogwu says

      Nation builders like Rotimi Amaechi, Babatunde Fashola & Fayemi? hahahaha, Bulshit.

    6. Bush Bush says

      Yet another blind man, who has been denied of knowing d scheme of things on ground. Nation builders my foot.

    7. Abdulrahman Ohize says

      Bush, u are the most ignorant talkative on earth.

    8. Aganweze Sunday says

      Diffrent btwen u and goat is very small..

    9. Abdulrahman Ohize says

      Sunday, a goat has its reasoning faculties, but u have been effectively programmed like a robot, u have surrendered ur reasoning faculties to hate. U cannot think right or act proper, u are zombie. I can only sympathise with ur ignorance & self-deception.

    10. Peter Onyenobi says

      Dis bokohari’s pig/or shuld i cal him DOG is realy frustrated.

    11. Abdulrahman Ohize says


  25. Musa Habu says

    This one na April fool naaaaaaa.

  26. Jc Power House Asemota says

    Na watin u pray 4person na him u go get too, gud or bad!.

  27. Muktar Haruna says

    We like HIM.

  28. Dorcas Hough says

    Buhari will not die bc he has great assignment to deliver Nigeria. And so as for me GOD shd envelope his life and put his enemies to shame.

    1. Wulemat Oluyemisi Alhaja says


  29. Isa Ibrahim says

    Only loser believe that death of their opponent is a solution to their problem !

  30. Safiriyu Kabir says

    Biafra my foot

  31. Hon D-dot Dotman says

    My people let give our president tyme because nothing good come easy, all will soon be owk. Remember ghana was once also in this kind of situation but finally godwin……….lol

    1. Omonzokpia Gilbert says

      c is beta u keep quiet if u dont have anytins to say

    2. Divine Ihemeh says

      Shut up.

      People are commiting suicide and you’re here ranting rubbish.

      Don’t make me angry this afternoon

    3. Hon D-dot Dotman says

      What do you want me to do? Last month i poasted that the time of corruption is better than this changes, you people disagree with me, now i said let be patient with buhari, u people stil disagree, what do u want of me, if them like let dollar rise to 1000k the children of God must survive.

  32. Isaac Fache says


  33. Raymond Okafor says

    Let us say the through, Buhari has fail us, is he going to rule 8yrs that every things is OK?

  34. Gideon Dako says

    Na una get una mounth,Buhari is already the president of Nigeria nothing anybody can do to stop him.

  35. ThaddeusDaniel Abui says

    It’s unfortunate people can read and write, yet illiterates. The writer of the piece was only raising national issues. The President is well and hearty

  36. Nkemcy Orike says

    Back to sender and their agents.

  37. Ugochukwu Santo Aaron says

    Beware of his agents (DSS

  38. Rejoice Ngwu says

    Sai baba bolla

  39. Rejoice Ngwu says

    Sai baba hahahaaaaaaaa

  40. Nyior Peter says

    Talk about age, is he older than Robert Mugabe who has been on seat since 1982 and is 84 now?

  41. Prince Frank Frank says

    I don’t want to see buhari again, he’s not a good leader

    1. Ajuma Sylvester says

      Lolzz.. Who you help? Where you for see buhari?? Abeg chill where you dey and just dey picture the common people around you..

    2. Ajuma Sylvester says

      Are you in aso rock?? YounowaanseeBuhariagain# hahaha no be small thing

  42. Prince Frank Frank says

    Let divided this country into, so that we the south South so enjoy ourselves

  43. Prince Frank Frank says

    Buhari should go back home

  44. Prince Frank Frank says

    Am not wishing him death, but my question is were is he leading us to

  45. Abbas Habib says

    Oscar really? So u celebrate Buhari death? Very well.i wish u long waiting

  46. Okey Orindu says

    Fool’s,idiots,nuisance r saying pmb wil complete hiz 8yrs as if dey can boast of feeding well.useless set of pple

  47. Bada Adewale says

    Back to all senders with evil thoughts behind this

  48. Apir Dooshima says

    Those wishing him to die they don’t know if God will take their lives before him, kai human beings

  49. Musbahu Umar Salihu says

    Apc must fall 4r its fail

  50. Happiness Azogor says

    Which good wen pple are hungry. At 72 he was to be a god father pple come to him 4advice not to be president. Who will vote him for 8years again? He has failed us and people are still pretending to hid the truth from him by praising him those are they people that hate him the more.

    1. Felix D. Fedoskid says

      True talk

    2. Francis Fagbamigbe says

      Go and farm lazy man. If you like die of hunger waiting for Buhari to come and feed you.

    3. Happiness Azogor says

      Am not a man! N he can’t feed me is you that need his help that is y u scared to tell him the truth were he has failed so u eat everyday.

    4. Austin Izuchukwu Aghazu says

      Dia will be no election, he intend to die in dat seat

    5. Rejoice Ngwu says

      Franchise abi na France, hunger is already in you with way you talk

    6. Felix Anike says

      @Francis Fagbamigbe,pls you’re too old to be joining issues with people that’re supposed to be ur grand-children.Pls sir,go and rest,and respect ur old age.

    7. My dear Happy,am wit u…….tis regime should serve as a lesson to everyone. Dont be power-hungry without vision cs ull enter empty

    8. Chukwudi Ebenezer says

      Francis Fagbamigbe…so na farm u dey farm…for where u dey?…papa be real ok..

    9. Happiness Azogor says

      My country people imagine what a father can wish his children that after spending and sending them to school we come back home and small farming!

  51. Nwadei Somkele Bobmanuel says

    nawaoo, people can beleive rubbish ehn, chai. naija nawaooo. lwkmd

  52. Nk Odoh says

    God pple self

  53. Ibrahim Yakubu says

    Na only God go change Nigeria not Buhari

  54. Dorcas Hough says

    Ha! This kind of joke or wish is too expensive my pple!

  55. Prince Gee Ebere says

    Buhari will continue 2 reign till his tenure is over;(:p

  56. Dickson Agharese says

    Ooooh is he dead???? Ehya ooo… Well he tried… R.I.P GMB

  57. Onyedikachi Francis says

    Chai gone so soon

  58. Princess Yakubu says

    God shall have mercy u oooooo

  59. Nathaniel John Magala says

    Buhari wey the suffer naija better may him finish 4 yrs rest bcs he can do anything better for naija

  60. Nwagwu Chukwuebuka says

    Rip baba

  61. Emmanuel Ikechukwu says


  62. Ikwa Innocent says

    I wish to be part of the solution not the problem! May God help us cos we talk too much

  63. Adeyemo Olatunbosun Habeeb says

    It only Allah can kil some1,Buhari can nt die 4 now,he as plan 4 nigeria,u are saying buhari nt gud,but is our since dt is distoping us in nigeria.

  64. Fulani Olasunkanmi says

    Apc is now totally fail all Nigeria u see now Obasanjo.

  65. Shuaibu Muhammad Damaturu says

    Hahaha a stupid is always stupid buhari will succed is 8years;;;; and 9ja most remain pure and unite weather you like it or not ::: no any stupid can rise his 4cking finger on you my dear respected president

  66. Amaka Nnaemeka says

    Buhari R I P.

  67. Kenny Obiekezie says


  68. Stanley Justine says

    If it’s true Alhamdulillah

  69. Manz Odis says

    See how low some people can go? No respect for themselves and for humanity. For the sake of the good people in naija Buhari ll succeed.

  70. Oja Egbai says


  71. Idoko Jonas says

    Buhari will complete his 8yrs in asorock,so every nija man will see all thier lie lie to nigerian,hw long will APC fool nigerian with deciet.

  72. Emmanuel Aver says

    even God do nt wish u dead, live long pmb, no beef.

  73. It'z Oscar Vetro says

    Their is no other God than #JESUS.
    If buhari is dead i will celebrate it wit my dad’s venza….

    1. Raji Abdul says

      Is Jesus God?

    2. Stanley Ozo Ndubuisi says

      Raji pls if jesus is not GOD who is

    3. It'z Oscar Vetro says

      Yes, jesus is the son of God, So the ar dsame.

    4. Akintoye Ayodele says

      Bunch of criminals,and this jesus you are lieying agaist shall judge you açcordingly.

  74. Aguzie Chioma says

    Untimely death is no ones portion therefore everyone will live to witness the successful actualisation of BIAFRA !!!#BIAFRAMUSTBEFREE.COM#

  75. Sunday Abimbola says

    nigeria wahala.

  76. Suleiman Idris says

    Long live pmb

  77. Jimoh Wale says

    God will reward u accordingly

  78. Ime Akpan says

    Don,t u coss d sender, dis can b a prophecy to d evil doers

  79. Vincent O Isaac says

    Back 2 sender 2 u

  80. Mall Alhassan Muh'd says

    Is only Allah that can kill, you May die before Buhari, therefore, mind your speech

    1. Agbeco Edgard Ae says

      That very ur beast called Allah will surely kill him.

    2. Agbeco Edgard Ae says

      That very ur beast called Allah will surely kill him.

    3. Uchenna Ofoma Maryjane says

      Then y re u people killing people anyhow in the name of filling ur mohamands wishes

    4. Promise Ezem says

      Oh my man sorry he didn’t know that buhari was your father

    5. Charles Nwauju says

      prophet mohammed is a bastard

    6. Rejoice Ngwu says

      Bullhari is going to die a miserable death.

    7. Chinasa Emeh says

      Mall Thunder Fire U

    8. Uche Gabriel says

      president Buhari’s actions policies orders has cause a lot of deaths in so called Nigerian

    9. Usman Shehu says

      IGBOS MAD DOGS all of u will die b/4 buhari , Sons of broken condom

  81. Kimol Solomon says

    If u wish any body to die cos this time is all evil back to sender

  82. Isaac Nnamdi says

    It’s not true

  83. Yusuf Horpeyemmy Toheeb says

    Bunch of liars ……Allah bless PMB,Allah bless Nigeria

    1. Isaac Nnamdi says

      Bless Who? Broads of vipers

    2. Yusuf Horpeyemmy Toheeb says

      Haters go nd die

    3. Henry Haruna Ogijo says

      God bless Nigeria & not the tyrant & heartless fellow.

    4. Uzoukwu Wilson says

      Y all dis hausa niggas dey yan rubbish? Buhari no go die? Yaradua no die? You knw hw many ppl dat man don kill directly or indirectly? Nawa o! Every nigga go die na SURE game. And ah swear if Buhari, Obj, IBB, Tinubu, Atiku and their cohorts no repent and turn from their evil ways they go soon die shamefully!

    5. Austin Rehd Ordu says

      Immortal Wilson

    6. Austin Rehd Ordu says

      Immortal Wilson

    7. Haruna Gideon says

      Pmb policies are sillent killings policy.

  84. Esther A Godgift says
  85. Thank you lord remain two person Tinubu and Obasanjo

    1. Mohammed Aliyu says

      Understand the language befor you comment

    2. Uzoukwu Wilson says

      hahahahaaaaaaaaa my guy no wan waste time he don dey thank God

    3. Nso Ifec says

      Lol dis man funny ooo

    4. Francis Fagbamigbe says

      Olagunju. No, you’re wrong not remaining two persons, only one person remaining and that is your father.

    5. Rejoice Ngwu says

      You are too old to comment @ Francis

    6. Augustine Henry says

      Francis why are you disgracing your self please respect your old age

  86. Arc Nwaiwu C Paddy says
  87. Busari Raji says


  88. Alo Kelechi says


  89. Ukusu Francis says

    Mr Ibe

  90. Not president Buhari but they send your copse to your people like that very soon
    In fact
    December this year
    By God grace

  91. Saviour Guba says

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  92. Loveth Elohor Ngwei says

    Pls if you don’t know or have any reasonable words to say just keep silence. Go rule your home or family or your life first and make sure is perfect before insulting people who are highly intelligent than you.

  93. Chidi Ozoemena says

    @ Gabriel I sure shear some of your views take a look people are dying of starvation day in day out companies are folding up no more hope for the common man since the inception of this administration no one person has been convicted and sentenced for corruption. our destiny lies in our hands .

  94. Clifford C Prosper says

    Could dis b tru

  95. Gabriel Abiodun says

    The truth is Buhari never had any good intention for nigeria; this man only struggled to get the power at allcost! Buhari was busy running his mouth during campayn and with the help of Tinubu; they were telling nigerians that the problem of this country was insecurity and economy problems. To my suprise, since when this man took over the mantle of leadership of this country his economy drive has nothing to write home about: security wise has been boko haram today, herdsmen tomorrow, kidnaping has been the order of the the day; price of esential commondities has skyrocket and unbearable. I keep sayin this those ppl that allow themself to be decieved and brought this man to power are basically foolish and wicked. This man was busy lieing, decieving us how he will create jobs, 45/l, feed nigeria school children and he was invited for a dialogue; he refused and ppl still went ahead to vote this futureless man, come and tell us how u will achieve this! Some was busy ranting that if this man has NEPA bill as certificate is okay by them. You all now will agree with me that they are “basically wicked and foolish. Today they will tell u that some ppl ruled this country for 16yrs and they destroyed everything; pls ask them: How was this country before it was handed over to them? And what has been a move by them to move this country forward??

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