Is Governor Oshiomhole Working As Claimed?

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By Yusuf Bukhari. A concern citizen

You can see the visit NGGT tour opened some of the secrets about who is executing project some hitherto claim by some quota about 5 junction project in Benin City, many believed it was Comrade Oshiomhole government not knowing it is Federal government.

Now in two months time the inspection of world bank construction/ -renovation of schools will commence to know who is really working in edo state that others are taking glory for.

We are aware of the huge taxes paid by people living in Edo state and every kobo must be accounted for. Kind of military accountability we are seeing from Edo state government without document to the public to show facts and figures is not what we want, no wonder Dan Orbih (PDP) said comrade government is owing 250,000 billion debt.

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Where are all the huge tax collected by Edo state government and the allocation from Federal Government. It is so painful because we were seeing this government as an alternative to the dust in governor Lucky led government.

If governor lucky can build usen technology, iguorakhi college of agriculture and many other as institutions and human development,  it therefore means that PDP government is better than this deceitful government.

What is left to show the people of Edo state. Anyway, i know his praise singers we attack me again

  1. Luckie O Samuel via Facebook says

    Yusuf Bukhari, obviously u are not from Edo State, so and address the colossal destruction of lives and properties in northern Nigeria and save yourself of being an irelevant interlooper. Was World Bank not ging aid to Edo State during d 10yrs that “empty barrel” Dan Orbih, his devilish godfather and the entire PDP held the state spellbound? What meaningful FG project has been completed in Edo state since 1999? Infact you should shut up and mind your Boko Haram Bizness in your state instead of helping sum to chase a rat from his house while yours is full of snakes and scorpions… In short, your are a collossal waste!

  2. Luckie O Samuel via Facebook says

    If u don’t know wat is happening in Edo state, I suggest u ask questions or stay away to prevent ignorance and embarassment pls.

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