Does Buhari really deserve praises before his administration?

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By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

Before I say whatever I am about to say, let me caution that any individual who endeavor to call me Pro-Jonathan or Anti-Buhari will decay in damnation.

Amid presidential crusade, I read a cluster of silly posts from campaigners for the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari then I thought of it as an intends to winning by every single necessary mean.

After election, regardless I read some silly posts in support, then I understood the individuals posting these are either preposterous or totally misled. ( I ask your exculpation)

Buhari won the election and God has his reasons. I would prefer not to expect excessively from him, I am not going to be an ardent critic of his administration if the need does not emerge, I appeal to God for his strength so he can keep to the promises he made amid his battle.

I want to praise him, I want to love him, I want tell the entire world that Buhari is my president, I want to say this crossing my legs and looking deep into their eyes with so much confidence that no one would have the guts to shut me down knowing that he had done superb jobs in my great nation, I want to do these not before he even starts ruling but after he had shown through his numerous and outstanding achievements, at least 80 percent of his manifestos.

I am tired of reading from the President-elect foot soldiers who are not tired of the misleading information on Nigerians just because some of us find it hard to investigate information on webs or only dwell on topics.

Buhari in few interviews after his election had denied making some promises, he had told Nigerians in several occasions not to expect magic. He attributed his statement to the state of the country which he said had been destroyed by the Peoples Democratic Party for 16 years.

While answering questions on TVC, he quickly pointed out that manifesto is different from reality, adding that many things listed in the manifesto would he changed because of the law.

Many Buharists had taken to social media to attack the outgoing President concerning the rail which was reawakened by Jonathan. Rather than appreciate the economic diversification by Jonathan, many APC loyalist have decided to rubbish his name in order to praise their master.

The expectations from these group of people bothers Buhari and the same people would be his worst enemies when their expected achievements are not meant. The group spreading these future achievements are the unstable ones among the APC.

Many of us had forgotten that Buhari ruled this country in 1983-1985 without thinking of anything he is thinking now. Buhari during his campaign promised to fight corruption, improve security and transportation (road, rail etc). Many of the achievements by Jonathan were roads, rail and farming.

This is like working on someone else’s agenda or improving on it which means continuity. If Buhari had the initiative then, he should have introduced them instead of channeling his energy on law against indiscipline and massive attack on anyone who crossed his path.

I am tired of receiving his praises when he has not even started but enjoying the credit of the outgoing president.

May God be with the President-elect, may he be surrounded by wise men and not king pharaohs. Nigeria is our country, I support whoever has what it takes to take it to the promise land.

Again, this country belong to all of us, Buhari is not my enemy, my message is to his fans who are crying before beaten. I want Buhari to succeed, so let us wait and see.


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