Post Democratic Helplessness, Nigeria In Political Dilemma

Post Democratic Helplessness, Nigeria In Political Dilemma

By Ogrinya, Paul Eneji

The President Muhamadu Buhari’s led Administration came up in its Political agenda during his presidential campaign propaganda, 2014/2015 of crushing Corruption, Insurgents/Terrorism, Which have been in existence before President Johnathan Government and a probable hope for all Nigerians, known as the Mantra of ‘ Change ‘ ‘. However, as fear grips Nation if should Buhari lose the election.

Buhari and Osinbajo
Buhari and Osinbajo

This would have caused Johnathan a pound of his own flesh, saying,” the election does not worth the soul of any single Nigerians’. As such conceded defeat, one of it’s kind in Nigeria history.

During this predicated moment, I saw the joy on the faces of most Nigerians for election victory, though some Nigerians wore cloudily and disdained appearance, saying the election was manipulated. Before the country could realize, President Good luck had already congratulated Buhari on his victory. Praise be to God, no one Nigeria died.

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Now a new dawn has come, the country was hoping for a new vision, even an unborn child smiled that Nigeria will once again experience a new hope in it Political, Economic, Democratic and Sociocultural Dispensations.

As days began unfolded, according to democratic principle, a hundred days in office counted to half a year, sitting Minister not been able to take their ministerial honours. Things were too slow to an extend president Muhamadu Buhari was entitled to an additional rank as ‘papa go slow’. And his vice who hails from a Christian background, as many hold their belief that Christian leaders could do better, has been acting on orders.  most Nigerians hopes are now resting in hostages.

Now I hear loud cries all over the Nation, both living and non-living things wails saying they are tired of the present administration who advance for the second term, though the privilege few still blows on their whistles, even as the government had promised one term of office.

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The Buhari led administration still held on power and seeking for a second mandate and I witnessed here the All Progressive Congress ( APC’) desperate absolutism for clinching onto powers as the opposition leaders of People Democratic Power (PDP) make attempt winning some key Governorship election in Ekiti, Osun, as observed. This had put fears in the hearts of most Nigerians for free and fair election come 2019.

The said administration argued that they have perfectly done well in their first term while others debunk this as political economist proves beyond reasonable doubts that the country’s economy is In a valley and Nigeria hits the highest economic recession ever in history.

It baffles me more when the said administration preaching against corruption,  same time caught in its webs. In my subsequent write-ups, we shall be watching a video with living witnesses where the Buhari led administration has formed a family click to loot the country’s funds, forcefully compelling a God-fearing and decent inspector of police to abide by the rules. As he refused to be part of this terms and conditions, he was detained in a cell with one clothing, a situation when he was reporting to human right activist he cried, all observers followed suit including me. My question is, Nigerians, where are we heading to? Do we see any pride in making others weep? I pray, God, in your infinite mercy help Nigerians. Amen.

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B.A. Hons. History And International Studies.
University Of Calabar, Nigeria.

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