Oshiomhole not true Democrats but aTarrant – Prince Musa Braimoh

The manner and the way of comrade Oshiomhole altitude towards the conduct of the just concluded APC primaries in Edo State give me some worries about how the general election will go. My fear and my worries in the forthcoming primary general election in Edo State between the ruling party and the opposition PDP is going to be too close to call, from a distance due to the way comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole shows his hatred for the rest eleven, but likeness for just one who eventually emerged as the gubernatorial candidate of APC.

Governor Oshiomhole
Governor Oshiomhole

My thinking. Is that a man who has twelve children and decided to support one against the other children opening even when he know that his preferred choice is a selfish altitude towards the others and where as he know that himself will definitely solicit the assistance of the other children to get his preferred up the ladder to his height of grace, shouldn’t have shown his love too open, too early in the public or in the presence of the other children before the process, but would have been after the process when his choice has emerged in the process that they all was involved in. Where they all would have embrace the process and themselves and at the same time embrace the process that produce the governor’s favoured feeding bottle candidate.

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My reasonings is that comrade governor would have allowed free and fair primaries and equal opportunities for all them in accordance with the APC change mantra, the process would have be embedded by everyone of them if equal opportunities and equal level playing field.

My fear and my worries. Comrade might be rejoicing that he has finally conquered the others in the primary and as achieved it for his beloved feeding bottle son, should comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole not worried now, on how is going to reconcile the victimised political contemporary and contemporaries and his friends and his political followers, then he will be leading APC to doom day by September 10 election, because the process we just experienced was a family fight where a father took side, forgotten that the public has serious interest to see how the father of these many children would handle the situation on ground, and the public will definitely and certainly be the one to give the final judgement whether the decision taking by their father in the house was well taking.

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Should the public decide that the decision taking by the governor on their behalf was a decision in a wrong direction, then what will be the faith of APC and what will APC members of Edo State rely on.
Maybe the government at the central.

My humble advise to comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole is that he must remember that what affect one affect all. He must remember that government is transient and as such his successor is watching his foot steps. And he must also remember the story of the goose.

Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole must remember that the victory for all progressive congress. ( APC ) is the victory for all.

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Prince MB is a member of the APC.

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