[OPINION] The Violence Occupation Of The National Assembly And The Action Of Osinbajo

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The violent occupation and invasion of Nigeria’s National Assembly/Legislative arm of government on Tuesday, the 7th of August, 2018, by operators of Nigeria’s State Security Service and the Nigerian Police Force, was an unwarranted and violent assault on Nigeria’s democracy and the globally enshrined principle of separation of powers, as well as the independence and sanctity of the legislative arm of government.

DSS blocks National Assembly Entrance
DSS blocks National Assembly Entrance

Indeed, it is a grave mortal sin against the Nigerian people that has cast a very dark pall on Nigeria’s democracy and further eroded the people’s confidence in the ability of Nigeria’s current political class and elected leaders to deliver to them the long expected dividends of democracy.

It will be an understatement to state that violent and reckless acts such as this, if not checked on a permanent basis, can potentially worsen the troubling spectre of insecurity in Nigeria with its manifold implications on all sectors of the Nigerian economy, including the health sector.  This is particularly on account of the inter-relatedness of democracy, health and security.    Undoubtedly, it can result in the speedy evaporation of the people’s remaining hope in democracy, its structures and operations.

It is in line with the foregoing that I strongly condemn today’s felonious and atavistic act aimed at destabilizing Nigeria’s democracy and the Nigerian people. I also strongly condemn all those who directly and indirectly conceptualized, planned, supported and executed this deprecatory act.

While I commend the patriotic action so far taken by the Ag. President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo SAN, I passionately call on both the Ag. President and the leadership of the National Assembly to urgently institute a full scale, scrupulous and open/public inquisition to unearth all those who conspired to conceptualize, plan, support and execute the assault on the legislative arm of government. Additionally, the full weight of the law must be brought to bear on all those found to be directly or remotely connected with this extremely bromidic act.

Despite the challenging socio-economic climate and contradictions in the Nigeria state, I strongly appeal to all Nigerians to see this as very historic and challenging times, and therefore should courageously rise above ethnic, regional or political prejudices, to patriotically defend Nigeria’s hard won democracy, the rule of law, altruistic leadership and good governance, all of which are essential towards guaranteeing their security, welfare, health and socio-economic well-being.


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