Open Letter To President Buhari: Before We Move To The Next Level

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By: Busy Brain

Compliment of the season to you sir and I want to use this medium to appreciate your tremendous efforts for more than three and half years ago. In fact, you have done a great job as the number one citizen of this great nation and the Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces.

Buhari Nomination Form
Buhari Nomination Form

I want to say a very big kudos to you sir for the price of petrol that is being sold at the rate of #65 per litre at our filling stations and at the same time, for the fact that our electricity is now stable over the years. Similarly, the output of your efforts is obvious on our roads as all the routes are being tarred without potholes and of course, you have done a great job for making our hospitals the best in the world. No wonder you have never visited abroad for healthcare service since you assumed office.

More so, it is only a blind man that will not commend your relentless efforts for taking care of our tertiary institutions. The last time I checked, both the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education have never for once embarked on a strike. In fact, our tertiary institutions’ Unions including the lecturers are smiling on the platter of gold. Contis 15, salaries/promotions arrears and other monetary aspects are being put into considerations thoroughly in your administration.

Sincerely, my unalloyed kudos to you sir for the 21st-century ammunition that has been given to our military men of war to conquer the Boko-Haram in Northern parts of the country. I can see that our military men are giving testimony in relations to those ammunitions when compared with that of the Boko-Haram. No wonder, Leah Sharibu is no more in captive and the Boko Boys have all been captured. I can now see clearly the reason why you have craved to move the Nation to the next level.

But sir, I’m still wondering what is next in our level when we have not critically examined our current level in all ramifications. I’m sorry to tell you that our present level is nothing to write home about. Worse still, from 2015 till this moment, it was extremely bad.

Before your die-hard fans would start to slash me with stroke of insults, I would like to clear them with the fact that am one of your die-hard fans who entrusted you and voted for you in the year 2015 and till this moment, I have not seen a better candidate to fix the fractures and dislocations of this nation. Not even someone that bought the primary election with billions of naira just to have the biggest share of the national cake in the forthcoming election. But you that seem to be fairer has performed woefully below expectation for the past years. Being your fan does not stop me from airing the truth. The country has never for once been in order. The poor masses are not smiling and the only difference that is obvious between your administration and the last regime was years. Goodluck Jonathan came in from 2011 to 2015 while you take over from 2015 so I can’t tell.

Sir, I started losing interest in your anti-corruption war and blame game when I realised the much elements of witch hunting. The anti-corruption war bided farewell to its credibility immediately the corrupts men started to use cross carpeting as a haven and a shield to claim immunity. Now that the present administration is more focused on corruption, does that mean there is no more corruption in the land? absolutely no! It is not a hidden fact to all Nigerians that the so-called corruption still exists in your cabinet and the culprits still whine and dine all in the name of being loyal to your political party and administration.

Sir, I want you to know the fact that Nigerian students were among the electorates who came out en mass to vote out Dr Goodluck Jonathan. This happened simply because our tertiary institutions were shut down for almost a year in the year 2013 while students were home sited. Now, what is the difference between you and Goodluck Jonathan? Same students are currently at home while you have not fulfilled any of your promises made to the Staff Unions.

Similarly, in the area of security, Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s regime was marred with a security threat. There were much carnage and maiming as a result of the Boko-Haram bombings. People were tired of the bloody scenes across the country and gave you a trial by massive turn out to dislodged Goodluck Jonathan. But now, the killings are in series: Herdsmen killings, Kaduna killings, Zamfara killings, Bini-Gwari killings, Kidnappers killings and the master of all, the Boko Haram killings. At this juncture, a minute silence for the over 40 soldiers who lost their lives recently to Boko Haram brutal attack. Baba, tell me what is next in our level when we still sip from the gourd of palm wine prepared by the wicked ones around you.

Lastly, before this piece would get longer, Dr Goodluck Jonathan attempted to remove the fuel subsidy some years back. Nigerians waged war severely against this act through the Labour Congress directives. Sir, this same fuel subsidy was removed by you with ease even against our own wish but I have not seen the outcome of the fuel subsidy on the common men on the street. I don’t know if the subsidy is being used to pay the N-power workers. Even when we buy at the rate of #145 naira per litre, what have we been able to achieve with the money gained from fuel subsidy that has an effect on the poor masses?

Now, the only thing that can intrigue Nigerians in your administration is the increment in the minimum wage which the enemies of the poor masses called Governors are waging war against. Our Senators, Governors and Honourables cannot beat down their gigantic allowances and profligate spending to ease the pains and hunger in the land. They receive the highest allowances in the whole world while they are topping the list of the country plagued with extreme poverty. Shame!

Sai Baba, kudos to you for the creation of N-Power scheme and for the implementation of some capital projects but Yoruba adage says: ” die omo okubrin ooto” meaning that ” little effort is not enough to be a man”. Therefore, before we move to the next level sir, put more efforts to help our current situation from the outrageous and rapacious revelations. The next level should not be another travelogue to abroad for healthcare service. I’ m one of those patriotic Nigerians that believes that this country shall be great again.

God bless Nigeria!

I am
Busy Brain

A graduate of Mass Communication from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State… The fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria.

Reach via

[email protected]

WhatsApp: 08169197486


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