Is the University of Benin Teaching Hospital ( UBTH) a Health Centre or a Death Centre?

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By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

The Story of Citizen Christopher Ibeh aptly captures the harrowing experience, Nigeria Citizens undergo, when they patronize Public Hospitals, in this case, the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Ugbowo ,Benin City .

University of Benin (UNIBEN)
University of Benin (UNIBEN)

Citizen Christopher Ibeh who was admitted in Male Ward 2B of the Hospital, in early April 2019, has gone through an experience, he does not even wish his enemies. From the very arrogant nurses to the haughty Doctors and the obsolete hospital equipment, Citizen Ibeh has gone through an experience that through the sheer incompetence of Personnel of the Hospital And the dysfunctional nature of services of the Hospital has left him bedridden and aloof from reality.

A man who walked into the Hospital by himself, left there almost a vegetable,as we speak a test that was conducted on him on the 8th of April, 2019, by Personnel of the very disorganized Medical Laboratory of the Hospital, has still not been released close to one month ,after the taking of his samples !

And so, the Shambolic Medical Personnel of UBTH, feels that Citizen Ibeh will end up as one of their many cases of the dead, which is normal and usual for them!

God Forbid. UBTH counts the Dead the same way the Police Nation Wide counts the arrested.

This is a Notice to the Authorities of UBTH, that if anything happens to Citizen Ibeh, they should be ready for a long drawn legal and regulatory battle, that will alter the firmament of Public Hospitals in Nigeria!

The UBTH itself looks like a white elephant project. A Federal Government Hospital, that is even more expensive than Private Hospitals!

Despite the Hundreds of Millions of Naira, that are budgeted to the Hospital, for no credible work done or personnel development undertaken!

Citizen Ibeh and his family have spent a huge sum of money, which was paid in cash, despite the well known financial protocol of Treasury Single Account, for Public Institutions in Nigeria, as provided for by an Act of the National Assembly and instructed by the Federal Executive Council, still his health plummets and there is no value for the same .

UBTH stinks! The sooner the Federal Government looks into the rot in the Hospital, the better for Citizens, as it stands, the nurses and doctors just count the dead, ironically some times with smiles!

What a tragedy! It makes one wonder, whether UBTH is a Health Centre or a Death Centre!


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