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Bob Izua’s Building Demolition: Like Shaibu, Like Oshiomhole

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By Ayokhai Dada

The Edo state Deputy Governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu recently made headlines when the Governor Godwin Obaseki in his wisdom formally handed over the machinery Of governance of the state to him to act as Governor of the state while he proceeded on vacation.

The Shaibu’s feat as Acting Governor governor was remarkable, considering the fact that none of his predecessors got such a recognition.

Hon Phillip Shaibu
Hon Phillip Shaibu

Probably to demonstrate the confidence the Governor imposed on him and also, beef up his political profile, Comrade Shaibu embarked on an inspection tour of projects across the state. During the tours, Comrade Shaibu resuscitated the style of his godfather, benefactor and fellow Etsako person, Comrade Adams Oshiomhe who is known for jumping into drains, standing akimbo on reconstructed roads, dishing out of orders when on inspection.

In one of his tours, just like Oshiomhole, Comrade Shaibu directed or ordered that Bob Izua park will be demolished to pave way for a free flow of water or erosion at the Ring Road area where the Bob Izua park is built.

Chief Adun Osamede, the owner of Bob Izua motors is not just a transporter but also a politician of repute who usually directs where the votes will go in his enclave in any given election. He was a leader in PDP during the reign of Lucky Igbinedion as Edo state governor. He defected to the now APC during the Oshiomhole tenure and recently reverted to PDP.

The Agony of Chief Adun started during the Oshiomhole administration when Governor Oshiomhole in one of his inspection tours when he ordered the demolition of one of Bob Izua parks at the popular Ring Road road in Benin.

Similarly, he also not only threatened his business in the name of inspection but also wrote to the then Inspector General of Police describing the Bob Izua as a notorious risk who needed to be caged.

After a while, Bob Izua defected to Oshiomhole’s party when all Of a sudden
all Bob Izua’s many sins were forgiven. And to demonstrate Oshiomhole genuineness, he personally went to commission one of Bob Izua Parks which was built over a place he earlier claimed was a moat. Everything went well between Oshiomhole and Bob Izua hence anything Bob Izua did, just like the biblical Pharisees, Oshiomhole looked at the other side.

Almost 10 years after Oshiomhole’s government, his godson, the Acting Governor, Philip Shaibu recently went on an inspection tour when he ordered that Bob Izua park would need to give way. History seems to repeat

It is an open secret that Bob Izua worked against the APC, Governor Obaseki’s party, during the last Presidential and National Assembly Elections, where the governor lost his Oredo Ward to Bob Izua’s PDP.

The issue now is, is Governor Obaseki hiding behind Shaibu to threaten Bob Izua to once again defect to APC or get his business to crumble ahead of the governorship election in the State?.

Sam Dada Ayokhai is a Benin based media consultant, resource person, and a publisher

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