APC and the Failure of Governance

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By Simeon Nwakaudu

There is no gainsaying the fact that there is despair across the length and breadth of Nigeria. There is no single state where the people are feeling the positivr impact of the APC Federal Government.

APC data Centre
APC data Centre

Everywhere you go, the country is in perpetual campaign mode. Politicians struggling for placement, yet no projects delivery from the APC Federal Government.

Change was promised, but the situation has deteriorated to very unimaginable level. The sad aspect of this dispensation is that the victim must receive the blame.

In case you are are not aware, by Nigeria’s revenue sharing formula, the Federal Government gets 56 percent of all of the country’s revenues. By implication, the funds available to the Federal Government is more than that of all the 36 States and the 774 Local Government Areas combined.

The question that comes to mind, what is the Federal Government doing with its huge financial base? There are no ongoing meaningful projects anywhere in the country.

We merely hear of approvals with nothing on ground to show. The most ugly aspect is that we have sneaked into an era where it is fashionable for the Federal Government to undo opposition states, sponsor campaigns of calumny against them and generate political and economic tensions within their precincts.

Even though Rivers State is the largest oil producing state in Nigeria, the Federal Government has no single functional project in the state.

Upon assumption of office, Governor Wike working with major stakeholders reconstructed the Eleme-junction to Eleme-junction of the East-West Road. At the time, the road was inaccessible. Majority of the companies bought into the initiative, but officials of the APC Federal Government who hail from Rivers State truncated the concluding processes when they stopped the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) from paying their contribution to the rehabilitation of this Federal Road.

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The Oyigbo axis of the Aba-Port Harcourt (Enugu-PH Expressway) was also fixed by the Rivers State Government in the course of the first year of this dispensation . This was executed by the Rivers State Road Maintenance Agency. The APC Federal Government made no refunds. Instead, politics was introduced into the matter. APC officials from Rivers State queried, who asked Governor Wike to fix a Federal Road.

The Seaports in Rivers State have been made redundant due to the deliberate policies of the APC Federal Government. Promotional activities to revive the ports have been rebuffed.

The Police and other security services established by law are strictly under the APC Federal Government. No State Government controls even the commissioner of Boys Scout. However, under the APC Federal Government, their apologists want the state governments to take blame for the failures of the security forces.

In Rivers State for instance, the State Government has released over 200 patrol vans, 20 gunboats, hundreds of bullet proof vests, several armoured personnel carriers, constructed housing estates for security agencies and is funding their operational activities. These were investments that the immediate past APC administration in the state stopped when it had conflict with the then PDP Federal Government.

In the last two weeks, there have been cases of security infractions along the Emohua axis of the East-West Road and instead of proferring solutions, officials of the APC Federal Government from Rivers State blame the State Government and are taking up paid adverts and television airtime to de-market the state

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Already , the Rivers State Government is working with other stakeholders to resolve the security challenges in the area.

Of the N1.3trillion released by the APC Federal Government for projects, virtually nothing was spent in Rivers State. The International Airport has been at the percentage level of completion that Former President Goodluck Jonathan left it, even though the APC Federal Government admitted that the Jonathan administration paid for the project in full before leaving office. Just to supervise the job to completion has become a Herculean task.

For the APC Federal Government and her officials, being in government is just an avenue for photo-opportunities and appearances on compromised television programmes. They have hijacked desperately famished “human rice” activists, chanting motor-park rhymes to distract the people.

There is no other state where this is more evident than in Rivers State. The embattled Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi is the worst culprit. He moves from one APC Controlled Television Station to the other, making spurious claims on Rivers State, simply to divert attention from the failings of the APC Federal Government.

Aside bringing over 60,000 security personnel to unleash terror on Rivers people during rerun elections and using the police and INEC to cook up results for Rivers East Senatorial District, what has been Amaechi’s contribution to Rivers State since he became a Minister. This is even more disheartening because Amaechi used Rivers resources to fund APC elections at all levels, for which he has been indicted by a court-recognised judicial commission of inquiry.

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What is staring Nigerians in the face is the failure of governance at the Federal level. Rivers State is one of the few functional states, with a performing state government and the best governor. Just picture in your mind, what Nigeria would look like if eight governors are as vibrant in projects delivery as Governor Wike.

Here in Rivers State, Governor Wike has effectively taken up the responsibilities of the Federal Government. He built the Federal High Court, he is building the National Industrial Court and he is reconstructing the Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt Division. This is in addition to reconstructing the Igwuruta-Chokocho Road, which is a Federal Road. He provided the logistical support for the setting up of the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army and several other investments in Federal agencies that space will not permit.

The question remains: What has the APC Federal Government done for Rivers State? The answer is obvious–nothing. Those who are beneficiaries of Amaechi’s financial handouts for online and traditional media propaganda must remember, that the PDP is deeply rooted here on the account of Governor Wike’s performance. He has built a solid relationship with the Rivers people based on mutual trust and friendship. That, cannot be dislodged by the antics of Judas Iscariot, the traitor-in-chief of his own state and geo-political zone.

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