Buhari vs Biafrans: The Unending War

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By Ehi Ekhator

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence proclamation has drawn out his shrouded long loathe for the South East.


Clearly the President had not, since he accepted office, shrouded his despise for the Igbos who, after Buhari’s administration assumed office, heightened that weep for self-actualization.

The President, amid his Independence speech on October 1, reminded Nigerians that he played a critical part in the killings of a large number of Igbos during the Biafra war in 1967.

Before the Presidential race, Buhari guaranteed to be a leader to everybody and nobody, thus the well known quote “i belong to everybody and i belong to nobody” however the non-verbal communication of the President has kept on mirroring the inverse of his articulations.

In spite of the part Buhari played in the slaughtering of more than 2m igbos during the Biafra war, one would have believed that after numerous years, the President would have put it behind and forge an understanding with the South-East who were so terrified of his rise as the President.

The igbos came together knowing completely well the sort of man Muhammadu Buhari was during the war, they voted in favor of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the 2015 General race in spite of his across the board theories that his administration was overwhelmed in mass corruption.

Buhari was expecting the igbos who didn’t warm up to him over his announcement during the election that he is no longer  a military General yet a regular citizen, how could they? The anger restored the minute they knew about the man coming into power, they knew he is a chameleon, a northerner first before a Nigerian.

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Be that as it may, their plan fizzled when Jonathan yielded defeat, at that point they turn to Plan B, which was to intensify breakaway from Nigeria before history rehash itself.

The meeting amid one of his visits in the United States, Buhari said “constituencies that gave me 97% cannot in all honesty be treated equally, on some issues, with constituencies that gave me 5 %, I think these are political realities, while certainly there will be justice for everybody, everybody will get his constitutional rights, but while the party in constituencies that by their sheer hard work they made sure that
they got their people to vote and to ensure their votes count, they must feel that the government has appreciated the effort they put in putting the government in place. I see this as really fair.”

It was no news that during the presidential race, the Igbos enormously voted in favor of Jonathan and clearly however Buhari didn’t specify any locale, he was alluding toward the South-East and many parts of South-South that needed him ousted for the fourth time. As unforgiving as he may be, he couldn’t shroud his outrage when it achieved the ideal opportunity for federal appointment.

The igbos felt less imperative contrasted with the way they had been, the treatment exacerbated, the fulani herders attacked their communities slaughtering their spouses and children, in addition to obliterating their farmlands. The frightful Igbos discovered comfort in Jobless Nnamdi Kanu in light of his guts to use his Radio Biafra station to thrash the administration.

The 5% explanation spread through the north and gave the Igbos motivations to be on a lookout. While the northerners follow up on the “second rate” Igbos, the Biafrans expanded their cry to secede maybe for the dread of what they see might come to them.

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At the point when Buhari came back from his 103 days UK enjoyment excursion, as opposed to calm the region down, he connected his standard style of power by sending dread through the nerves of the fomenters to cease or face the decays. It didn’t jump out at the President who alluded to himself a popularity based President that calling them to the table could put a clearer picture to the current issue.

Of recent, the previous President of Nigeria, Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo likewise approached Buhari to call Nnamdi Kanu to the table for a discourse yet up until now, Buhari has overlooked the calls, in the interim more instigators have risen as the call for restructuring is choking out the country.

The whereabouts of the purported leader of the Biafrans, Nnamdi Kanu is yet to be known since Buhari gave the order to attack their states and close the Biafrans down. Many individuals were attacked while reports showed that individuals were slaughtered. In spite of the news, Buhari did not denounce the infringement of Human rights as observed on the video spread on the web-based social networking, rather the President continues sending warnings as observed on his Independence day discourse.

Recently, Buhari uncovered that the call for restructuring has been hijacked by Biafrans, assaulting the group leaders for not calling their kins to order before he propelled strikes.

“Recent calls on re-structuring, quite proper in a legitimate debate, has let in highly irresponsible groups to call for the dismemberment of the country. We can not and we will not allow such advocacy.”

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Buhari unwittingly unveiled that he was a piece of the officers who executed more than 2m Biafrans.

“As a young Army Officer, I took part from the beginning to the end in our tragic civil war costing about 2m lives, resulting in fearful destruction and untold suffering. Those who are agitating for a re-run were not born by 1967 and have no idea of the horrendous consequences of the civil conflict which we went through.

I am very disappointed that responsible leaders of these communities do not warn their hot-headed youths what the country went through. Those who were there should tell those who were not there, the consequences of such folly.”

How could the Biafrans grasp a man who played a part in the murdering of their sons and daughters? How could they assume that he couldn’t do it once more? How could they have acknowledged him as their President when huge numbers of the igbos who saw the war are still alive?

A sensible man would have understood this and stretch out a hand of peace to the locale yet rather and of course, practically rehashed the episode of 1967-1970. Buhari isn’t apprehensive about getting his hands filthy alongside his gathering of fan he offered appointment to.

Nigeria isn’t a long way from breaking, Biafra is the start, the war between the President and Biafra is unending as the so called Democratic President has refused to realized his mistake.  If there is no restructuring soon, the MidWest Movement, Oduduwa Republic and others may agitation may progress to recession.

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  1. Stanley Onyevu says

    Israel without we lgbos they would have force u to their belief because u are miniority in ur belief

  2. Otu Mich says

    Pekin when sabi something know em papa enemies

  3. Destiny Aigboje says

    Contact the professional in fishery for all types of fish pond construction and for fish farm establishment in any part of Nigeria via 08166337389

  4. Ugochukwu Augustus says

    Direction please, ‘hari versus Almighty God and His will.

  5. Kenneth Onwuchekwa says

    Who is the presidency? A question that has not gotten an answer. Nobody knows the presidency up till date. Nobody scratch the man that asked this powerful question. Please can someone tell me the presidency?

  6. Ezenwa Collins says

    Nigerian done, CAST

  7. Okorocha Victor says

    I laugh this country because thy don’t no who is ruling them

  8. Lebesco Harrison says

    I love Facebook war bcoz even those still sucking their mother’s breast talk,na wa oooo!only God ve the final say,so why the insults?

  9. Osita Anikwe says

    See a whole President of a nation..nawaoo

  10. Paul Nwoba Anyigor says

    The restoration of Biafra is a task that must be accomplished. To be called a Nigerian is to be cursed

    1. Bilal Abdullahi says

      Go back to Isreal and fuk out of naija even d Jewish are denying u

    2. Paul Nwoba Anyigor says

      What has Biafra land got to do with Israel?

    3. Zamani Bliss says

      Na dat sense wey we dey talk say dem no get, talking off point… otondooo

  11. Timothy Echeija says

    who wrote this rubbish, Nigeria vs biafra not Buhari vs biafra

    1. Blessing Bueleimo says

      Very correct.

  12. Prince Charlie says

    One of my grouse about this President is his body language and disposition towards other people who are not from his own section of the country. A lot of Nigerians may not know that what Kachikwu is complaining about is just a tip of the iceberg. There is so much insubordination in federal ministries and other government establishments in Nigeria whenever a Southerner is the head. These guys from the North, will just brazenly disrespect you and even have more access than you to the President or as they now call it, Presidency. It’s so glaring that the GMD of NNPC has more access to the President than his minister of state. Even though the President is the Minister. Have you paused a bit to think why the Kachiku man will write a letter his Minister (President) instead of just going to see him . They will never allow him, but the GMB will always get to see the Minister (President) and this happens in almost all other establishments. That is the same attitude the President exhibits with the AREWA youths, the killer Fulani herdsmen, but changes gear when it has to do with other groups that are not from his section of the country. You cannot run a country like that and expect peace. You must be, and be seen to be just and fair to all before peace can reign in a very complex country like Nigeria as the President. But if you have a sectional, parochial agenda, you will fail woefully.

    1. Fale Innocent says

      You sound a little right but the fact there is that not all northanant that mister president care for ask some of your people that lives around the arewa the will tell u what Christian in arewa facing,I see no reason why only Igbo’s complaint on this,is the issue of togetherness so let call our self an seat our self to discuss on how we will be in unity pls,like in my place people run day an night because of the ongoing crisis between Muslims an Christians.in some area people don’t go to church again because of the situation of the area but still we choose to bear the pain,why don’t u people do like us an keep peace in the country? Do you know how many people lose there life’s in plateau state?must especially Langtang north an south,Riom,Barakinladi, an so many other places in plateau state, but still we are keeping the unity please let’s think twice, all this your action will not solve the problem.please let’s come together an re unite the country.

    2. Onyebuchi Ifeanyi says

      @fale.If you refuse to speak that means you are comfortable or afraid,by individual progress we are highly blessed,but by distribution of basic amenities we are no where and if others are experiencing anything odd and kept silent that is their business,for how long shall we keep silent in this nation while things are going wrong,how many times can we sit together to discuss,upto no avail.Note this,the day of recorning is coming,oppression will not be forever,Look there is limit to every human endurance.

    3. Margaret Offiong Ekang says

      Best comments…

  13. Umar Kudu says

    Confused people. Buhari or jubril from Sudan?

    1. Innocent C Ezebuilo says

      Not confuse, orignal buhari has open teath, but new one dont have

  14. Chimaski Endybest says

    Ghost is leading us ooh, this not buhari at all

  15. Elijah Yakubu says

    There is God oooo

  16. Ugo Gold says

    Former president and clone president

    1. Bilal Abdullahi says

      Keep wailling nobody will pay u to keep quiet

    2. Nwendu Rose says

      If only you know what our wailing has caused you.

  17. Nura Abdullahi says

    You are small boys that is why.You don’t know Buhari na

    1. Zamani Bliss says

      We can’t see him simply cos he is Nothing… N we d biafrans look for something reasonable… No be his fault shaaaa

    2. Nura Abdullahi says

      Remember on my own opinions Igbo don’t things b4 doing anything.You are parasite you are not producing anything to Nigerian economy you have nothing to show

    3. Nura Abdullahi says

      Remember on my own opinions Igbo don’t things b4 doing anything.You are parasite you are not producing anything to Nigerian economy you have nothing to show

  18. Israel Braide says

    The only thing most of the south-easterners can offer is to insult their elders and leaders in Igboland that inform them about their ignorance……………..EXTREMELY UNCULTURED PEOPLE.

    1. Onwughara Pauline says


    2. Anthony Emordi says

      Anu mpama!

    3. Okechukwu Eze says


    4. Paul Nwoba Anyigor says

      Ignorance is your major problem

    5. Anyanwu Uchenna says

      Yes we are uncultured, why can’t you people leave uncultured people of Biafra to go, so the thebcultured people of zoo Nigeria will be. They are not good still yet you don’t want them to be on their own, lazy and useless Hausa Fulani.

    6. Austin Okoro says

      Stop that nonsense ure saying

    7. Ngozi Festus Okezue says

      Onwu ga egbu nkita ara gbuo gi

    8. Gideon Ugochukwu says

      your father is uncultured, and you re an imbecile. we hv a mind of our own n can not take whatever rubbish anybody gives to us as elder. see you n the position your elders had put you

    9. Israel Braide says

      Insatiable criminals.

    10. Benjamin Godwin Onuh says

      Is it not better u guys leave social media alone and go home, join them, make contributions for this bistro dream instead of all this talk on social media. No one is hearing u here pls no offence.

  19. Ulrich Sylvester says

    Nah Buhari be that??

  20. Alh Musa A Shehu says

    Delyn abbe_ okunmwendia. Kafura animal.

    1. Zamani Bliss says

      Make I hear word jooor

  21. Delyn Abbe-okunmwendia says

    Na Buhaha na him want war if people want go make there own Nation na war be that this wan tire me so if tell in wan join for the collaborator na war na because he no school him they do like almajeris

  22. Ovie Arumala says

    BIAFRA FREEDOM or everything’s dies just as tyrant and rapist dead muhammadu buhari is gone already

    1. Imrana Dantakarda says

      Where is Nmd kanu?

    2. Ovie Arumala says

      Ask robot aminu jubril from sudan and bokoharam buratai

    3. Bilal Abdullahi says

      Ur father is a rapist he probably rape Ur sisters if not u won’t be insulting some 1 old enough to b Ur grandfather useless waste of sperm. Idoit pruduct of baby factory

    4. Ovie Arumala says


  23. Uju Eucharia Atuanya Ikwunne says


  24. Terry Man says


  25. Chinedu Ohams says

    If you know you are hated, then please becareful.

  26. Samaila Mohammed says

    What did the Igbos want from PMB? Twice PMB choose among them his running mates in 2003 and 2007 , but they rejected even their Own. In 2015 before election thrice PMB wrote to Ohanenze but refused to give him audience. PMB won election and they are envious. Who hate who?

    1. Obinna Onyekwuluje says

      My brother I’m with you on this one. Politics in Africa at the moment is designed to be a winner takes all thing.

    2. Ngozi Festus Okezue says

      Bros did igbos hate him wen he threw ekwueme into prison n keep shagari at home.why didn’t the north vote gej.

    3. Samaila Mohammed says

      North voted for Jona in 2011 and in 2015 they voted for another candidate in another party.

  27. Pascal Nwokike says

    There’s no peace for a wicked.

  28. Ken Eze says


  29. Young King says


  30. Lateemo Babatunde says

    You people promised to make his administration ungovernable and he is also prepare for you people.

    1. Ben Oyioha says

      You get sense so?

    2. Lateemo Babatunde says

      Pass you. All this gragra you people are doing doesn’t move anybody. Is only Niger Delta that can sneeze and other regions catch cold.

    3. Ebere Opone says

      we Niger delta are waiting for ur preparation, if u like offer heaven nd earth we don’t need it, enough is enough with Yoruba nd buhari

    4. Lateemo Babatunde says

      Asari and other militants threatened Nigeria more than you do but we are they today.

    5. Wilbre Wilbre says

      Anyone who has been downloaded by God definitely he or she must have haters is a scenario to Igbos remember Igbos are the 4runner of Nigeria independent and civilization, therefore the root of their suppression is not allowing them to overruled, Israel as a nation is passionate enough to received the same suppression in the whole world the understandable ones in Igbos received it in a good faith.

    6. Kene Ngwuluka says

      Hahaha look at who is talking a Yoruba fool. I am sorry for you people u people are slaves and will one day be capture by Fulani’s they way they did to u fools in Kwara state

    7. Lateemo Babatunde says

      Chest beaters, your leaders av agreed to follow Fulani in 2019.sit down @ home and be calling people that are wiser than you slaves.
      That’s how you have been calling yorubas coward but operation Python dance has made us know the real coward in Nigeria.
      After ojukwu came back from where he ran to,he later joined Fulani party(NPN) despite the fulanis were the one that killed, fucked and raped your sisters during civil war.
      You voted for Fulani man(yar adua) against your hero(ojukwu) in 2011,so who is Fulani slave?
      KANU will not surprise me if he joins Fulani party because it is in your blood.
      If you call somebody that has achieved more than you in many ways fool then who are you.
      Politically and economically Yoruba have left you behind.where you surpassed Yoruba is in the area of crimes both home and diaspora. Go to China,Malaysia and other Asian countries prison,u will be surprised with the no of ibos in those prisons.

    8. John Okechukwu Ndukwe says

      Lol yorubas surpassed Igbos how, Igbos own 70% of the houses in nigeria and most of the companies too the banking industry is controled by Igbos economicaly Igbos are more vibrant then any other african tribe, any town that Igbos abandon in this country becomes a poor town.
      We all knw the truth and that is why you yorubas keep on insisting that u want one nigeria because once this country is divided all your cities will tell stories of past glory, the economy of lagos will fall just like that of Bauchi,Galingo,Gombe,Maiduguri and Mina.
      Its a known fact that the government of Nigeria has tried its best to strangle the economy of Igbos since after the civil war by stealing all the money that our parents had in the bank and giving every Igbo man only 20 naira after the war and also stealing our parents houses all over the country.
      Yet we still became richer than you nigerians.
      Our quest for Biafra is not becaues we hate you guys, it only because you guys hate us and keep on being a source of setback to us, we want to be more developed than we are now but you nigerians are cool with being a third world country.
      We try to establish companies to give enployment to the masses but your biased govt keeps no making policys to ruin our effort.
      We do not relay on the govt for jobs,water,electricity or roads to our villages our wealthy son do all that for their home towns.
      You nigerians hate we Biafrans because we are not like you, as the saying goes birds of same fether flok togerther.
      We are not thesame so why is it so hard for you people to divid this country and dissolve this reletionship which is filled of contempt????????.

    9. Amos Eke says

      Nobody is bigger than a nation. I will ever stand by Nigeria

    10. Lateemo Babatunde says

      John Okechukwu Ndukwe,igbos are known for making statistics that cannot be substantiate so am not surprised with your 70% of this or 70% of that.you once boasted before 2015 elections that Igbo has highest population in Nigeria hence PDP would win presidential and Lagos gubernatorial election,the result is their for everybody.
      Some of us are not moved with all your chest beating again,if Nigeria soldiers step into Biafra land they will be buried alive but just 30 mins gunshot everybody started removing Biafra flags and souvenir so am not moved with your 70% this or that.
      We are still waiting for the day you will leave Lagos and other places so that the economy of those area will shut down.
      If I were you people I would close all close all the investments in other regions and make ZOO to suffer depression.

    11. John Okechukwu Ndukwe says

      Lateemo Babatunde, a call for referandum is not a call for war, Igbos are not and have never been cowards, if u were at Umuahia u would have seen how young Biafran boys confronted the armord tanks of the nigerian army with just sticks and stones, thats not an act of cowardies.
      If we want to go to war with nigeria we will not be draged into it like the 1967-1970s war were we fought against nigeria,ECOWAS and mersonaries from Britain and france without weapons.
      Rather it will be a war were the two sides will be fully prepeared, but war is not yet a part of the strogle for Biafra, we will get our referandum just like Catarlonia and thus a peaceful division.
      I only pity you Yoruba people because the housas will invade your land with their fulani heardsmen, and turn all of u to islam.

    12. John Okechukwu Ndukwe says

      You may fail to accept the fact about my 70% statistics which you know is very true and has been acknowlaged by the housas, if u listing to the speech of the youth leader of the arewa youth forum, on his 1st october quit notice to the Igbos you will hear him say that his griviance with Igbos is that we own almost all the houses in the north and on the other hand northerns do not own properties in the east, so he will be glad to occupy our properties when we leave the north.
      And i know that even if yorubas have not said thesame thing yet, they do have such intentions at the back of their mind too but we Biafrans dont really care about those houses in other parts of nigeria we will leave it for you guys happily if that will make you nigerians happy and let us divid this country peacefully.
      I rest my case.

    13. Lateemo Babatunde says

      Confronting armoured tank with stick and stones is not an act of bravery but foolishness. Where you showed your coward was how your people removed Biafra flags and souvenir of Biafra.
      Go and check or read how Biafra war was executed,France and some French speaking countries supported Biafra due to ojukwu promised France free supply of crude oil.
      Don’t pity Yoruba because southwest have everything to make it a great country. Instead southeast will be slaves to south south

    14. Linda Anayo Onele says

      lateemo d coward u hv nting to say ur crying more dan bereaved unite wit ur slave masters n let my ppl go dats all n stop talking trash

    15. Lateemo Babatunde says

      Nobody is holding u Linda,call your people to leave zoo and come back to east.nobody hold key of referendum in Nigeria

    16. Lateemo Babatunde says

      You have Representatives in national assembly that can call for referendum or you use force

    17. Albert Goodi says

      Are you free from buhsrist? You think you can open mouth because you can talk?

    18. Lateemo Babatunde says

      Am a Nigeria not like you kanuism

    19. Damian Chibuogwu says

      Lateemo,what will confirm u as a coward is when Biafra leaves ,u can never stay in Oneness with the North. Time will tell the real coward .

    20. Nze Okpulor says

      @Lateemo,whatever u think that u are,pls is togetherness by force,Biafran are out pls,remain with your fakish oneness and the end will justify the means

    21. Lateemo Babatunde says

      Nobody is forcing anybody to stay, since all these days you av been agitating nobody has taken a legal move.
      If breaking up Nigeria is the best am for it but legal method should be used.
      You don’t get new country by abusing or insulting other tribes.

    22. Onwughara Pauline says

      Lateemo u dnt no d history at all. Turning everything upside down. Pls go and ask gowan he will educate u beta.

    23. Onwughara Pauline says

      Lateemo here u come again. U enter class at all. How many court has the case files of Biafra vs zoo? Kanu even has a court date b4 zoo invaded his mansion. Biafra vs zoo case is now on world map. What lagal means again are u asking for. Its a pity we find our selves in d means of bounch of illiterate hausa/fulani.

    24. Augustine Taiye Ojemeh says

      You think it’s court that will give you guys biafra .Unfortunately the Buhari you guys abuse on daily basis will play a major part in it. Else you hold your peace till he finishes his tenure. All these your grandstanding will not solve anything. Just to ask, WHERE IS KANU?he said he will give us Buhari’ head. But I can’t find him again o.

    25. Lateemo Babatunde says

      You dey mind them.he promised them that Biafra or death but only gunshot he’s nowhere to be found.

  31. Elvis Lekwauwa Onuoha says

    I stand with buhari

    1. Ben Oyioha says

      Continue standing, maybe his next visit will be your family members

    2. Kene Ngwuluka says

      U stand with an imposter u should be ashamed of ur self.

    3. Amos Eke says

      I stand with Nigeria

    4. Donald Donadon says

      I stand with Biafra

    5. Rose Chinedu Emefu says

      Elvis and Amos are fake cloned igbos,not real igbos with Igbo gene and blood

    6. Onwughara Pauline says

      Amos and Elvis no bi only buhari and zoo una go stand with. When jubril go go back to sudan were em com frm una go follow am too. Zombies of d highest order.

    7. Ngozi Festus Okezue says

      Proudly okuko igbo.i stand with my pple.no matter hw Buhari hate us.we must outlive him.we are here bfor him n shall be here afta him.

  32. Chinonyelum Desire Atueyinwa says

    clown president with utility bill certificate.

    1. Yusuf Mohammed says

      This is hate speech so be careful

    2. Ben Oyioha says

      What makes it to be hate speech?every truth is now hate speech, by the way hate speech and killing of innocent ppl which one is beta, be careful Yusuf

    3. Kene Ngwuluka says

      Aboki what is hate speech. Zoo is been ruled by another nationality u call it hate speech? Why can’t u people jst face reality. Am sorry for u people

    4. Okenyi Obun says

      A moribund dilapidated president with no certificate. A cloned man.

    5. Bilal Abdullahi says

      Fuk out and stop using our naira immediately idiot

    6. Zamani Bliss says

      Bilal… Una go allow us go??? Na d problem be that

  33. Amaechi Stanley Chukwudi says

    This just the begining lets watch hoq it goes with Maxum force on innocent Civillians

    1. Bilal Abdullahi says

      Go see what’s happening in Spain. Wuna never c anything

    2. Zamani Bliss says

      D name “Nigeria” will be forgotten

    3. Zamani Bliss says

      Just chillax

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