How oceans can solve our freshwater crisis

(CNN) — It’s been a cruel irony for ancient mariners and any thirsty person who has ever gazed upon a sparkling blue ocean: Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. But imagine a coastal city of the future, say in 2035. Along with basic infrastructure such as a port, roads, sewer lines and […]

10 gadget gifts for Father’s Day

.cnn_html_media_utility::before{color:red;content:’>>’;font-size:9px;line-height:12px;padding-right:1px} .cnnstrylccimg640{margin:0 27px 14px 0} .captionText{filter:alpha(opacity=100);opacity:1} .cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:visited,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:link,.captionText a,.captionText a:visited,.captiontext a:link{color:outline:medium none} .cnnVerticalGalleryPhoto{margin:0 auto;padding-right:68px;width:270px} ]]> With all the fitness bands on the market, from FitBit to Nike Fuel, Garmin’s entry sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. The VivoFit ($129) is waterproof and has a helpful (or really annoying) “time to move” bar that […]

Meet Pepper, the emotional robot

(CNN) — When someone is being stiff and acting emotionless, we may have to quit calling them a robot. Softbank, a Japanese Internet and telecommunications company, introduced the world Thursday to Pepper, a robot designed to read, and respond to, its user’s mood. “People may look back 100 years later, or 200 years later (and […]

At E3, all games, no Kinect for Microsoft

(CNN) — Microsoft kept its eyes forward and revealed what is coming for the Xbox One this year and next at its 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing in Los Angeles, California. However, it is what they didn’t talk about that might be more interesting. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at the Redmond, Washington, […]

At E3 2014, the games are the thing

(CNN) — A year ago, Sony and Microsoft were kicking off their new next-generation video game consoles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California. This year, the event will be all about the games, as developers show what they can do with that new technology. Some game companies have already shown glimpses […]

Cousteau grandson living 31 days undersea

  With their Mission 31 project, Fabien Cousteau and a team of researchers are spending what they hope will be 31 straight days in this undersea habitat, 63 feet beneath the ocean surface in the Florida Keys. At 400 square feet, the Aquarius lab is the size of a small studio apartment. Here Cousteau, grandson […]

Big changes coming to iPhone messaging

  (CNN) — It didn’t get a ton of attention Monday, but Apple’s next mobile operating system means significant changes for how iPhone users send and receive messages. If you’re an Apple user, this is a big deal. Messages is the most frequently used app in iOS, and is how most users share texts, photos […]

Stabbing raises question: Who is Slenderman?

(CNN) — He’s the Internet’s own monster, a ghoul who lurks in its darkest corners and, like the Web itself, has mutated time and again to suit the dreams and desires of his devotees. He is Slenderman, a menacing, faceless specter in a dark suit — sometimes portrayed with octopus-like tentacles — known to haunt […]

The 8 key features of iOS 8

  (CNN) — Apple fans holding out hope they’d see the company’s next great gadget on Monday were disappointed. At the keynote address for the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, software was king. For owners of the 800 million iPhones, iPads and iPods that run the company’s iOS operating system, the biggest news may have […]

Amazon adding music streaming to Prime?

(CNN) — OK, at this point, who doesn’t have a music streaming service? According to a new report, Amazon will be entering the crowded field this summer, joining such rivals as Google, Microsoft and Apple in trying to find new, profitable ways for digital users to get their tunes. The company plans to make on-demand […]