Dating the so called BIG BOYS

The race to marry a BIG BOY is what is now in vogue. Most ladies nowadays can’t function if there is no cash involved. The urge for material things has changed the STORY OF LOVE. Do NOT make money your only priority when choosing your spouse, only spend it when necessary. There’s more to marriage […]

Important ‘A’ Words That Strengthen Relationships

We can never be tired of looking for ways to make life and living a better experience. The level of your innovative/creative ability will go a long way to actually enhance the quality of your relationships. This may involve trying out little new exciting things every now and then (even at old age): borrowing things […]

My Sensitive Spouse

Coping with sensitive people can be real hard work especially when you are not sure of how to penetrate their world and make them feel loved. You might want to ask why someone would think of being in a relationship with another who is totally different from him/her or difficult to understand. The truth really […]

Three ways to make your man fall in love with you

Have you ever found yourself falling for a man you were dating and wondered if he was feeling the same way? Did you find yourself trying to prove what a great catch you are by being sweeter, funnier and smarter in hopes that he would fall in love with you? Focusing on what a man […]

I had sex with my 32-years old boyfriend- 12yrs Warri girl

Nigeria used to be a location that every homeland emulates because we have heritage, our parents raised up well. The inquiry is, what do you think of Nigeria and Nigerians of today? NAIJA CENTER correspondent had a conversation with a 15-years vintage young female who notified me she begun having sex when she was 12yrs old. I had to interrogate her due to the way she address me “MY LOVE” Linda is […]

Stay Single, Die Younger -Scientists

Stay Single, Die Younger -Scientists

Men and women who are married or in long-term relationships are more likely to survive to old age than singletons according to research. Scientists have found that being married, or being in a permanent stable relationship, could lead to a longer life. Middle-aged people without a spouse or long-term partner were discovered to be at […]

20 Ways On How To Have A Successful Love Relationship

20 Ways On How To Have A Successful Love Relationship

A relationship is like a delicate rose bush. If you care for it, it will bloom year after year with unsurpassed beauty. If you don’t, you might end up with a dull, lifeless entity that is struggling to survive. If you are single, read these tips with an eye on what you will want to […]

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