JUST READ : “A Letter To God” By Charly Boy

JUST READ : “A Letter To God” By Charly Boy

Take your time to carefully read the “Area FAthers” letter to God.. don’t forget to drop your comment below. Dear God, I had to muster a ‘lotta’ courage to write you this letter, please don’t get pissed with me, because there is no way on Earth that I can stand your vex, as one of […]

How To Maintain Your Body During Harmattan

Harmattan is a season that some wish should never come because of the harshness of the weather. But KEHINDE AJOBIEWE writes that it could be effectively managed if certain measures are taken The harmattan is gradually setting in and very soon its effect will start showing on our body. Its numerous adverse effects include, but […]

Tips to save money on your wedding

How to save money during your wedding

  No matter how big your budget is, there always seems to be ways to go over it on your big day. Those extra touches and special upgrades on items such as food and flowers can soon push costs skyward. Here are some tips and tricks to try and lower the price of the essentials […]

6 Questions You MUST Be Prepared To Answer During Interviews

By Patricia Erickson Increasing your chances of getting the job are pretty simple if you’re well prepared for your next interview. If you’re ready to answer some of the most common interview questions, you’re a step ahead of your competition. Here are six questions you must be prepared to answer during interviews: 1. Why Don’t […]

“I Must Marry’ – Written by Charly Boy

Wanting so badly to get hooked is something many people seem to take far too lightly and for granted these days. Something some of them feel they should do to win acceptance from people and society. These days’ people look at the package and never the content, forgetting that marriage should be a life time […]

Immigration To Canada: Some Useful Information

By  Johnson Babalola There are processes available to immigrate to Canada. Individuals must know about these processes in order to make informed decisions when they are making decisions to relocate from their countries of origin or residence.  What you are about to read are general information on some immigration programmes. The general rule is that […]

It’s Not Men Responsibilities To Cook At Home

The trouble is that males have long be conditioned to believe that they are some how free from domestic  responsibilities,  even if the woman of the household works outside the home. I remember a girl who was about to take O’level exams saying to me bitterly during a class discussion. “Exams or not, my mother […]

Forgiveness is key in A Mile from Home

Forgiveness is key in A Mile from Home

Producer and director, Eric Aghimien, has said that passion and determination have, so far, sustained him in the movie industry. The Edo State-born producer said this last Sunday when his movie, A Mile from Home,  made its debut on the big screen at the Silverbird Galleria. It was premiered to a select audience   – celebrities, […]

Different faces of corporate begging

Different faces of corporate begging

As the economic recession bites  harder, some  residents daily devise new means of begging, SAMUEL AWOYINFA reports Apart from the familiar physically-challenged people that are traditionally known to beg alms in the city, other shades of beggars are beginning to emerge. Call them corporate beggars, if you like. This class of beggars operates on an […]