Did Kris Jenner Pay A Former Lover To Silence Him?

Nine seasons later, ‘KUWTK’ is still going thanks to momager, Kris! Kris Jenner has already admitted to cheating on her belated husband, Rob Kardashian, with her lover Todd Waterman in her memoir. The question is, did she pay him off to keep him quiet? A handy dandy Non Disclosure Agreement seems to always do the […]

This $26,000 Mistake Cost A Man His Fiancée

Find out what got her packing! Everyone has their deal breakers, but once you guys get engaged you would hope that you both passed each other’s tests. By that time you hopefully get along with each other’s family, you both have an idea of what kind of marriage you want, and what kind of household […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Awards Host Hugh Jackman

Yeah, yeah, his dog Dali is cute but Hugh Jackman is a hunk.   Ladies, it’s swoon time. Hunktacular Australian actor Hugh Jackman — who looks as amazing while shirtless, showing ripped abs and rocking Wolverine’s claws as he does singing, dancing and gliding across the screen in fare like Les Miserables — is hosting the 2014 Tonys […]

Moving In? How To Organize Both Of Your Clothes Into One Closet

Super easy closet ideas for creating a little harmony in your apartment! Living with your significant other can be a rewarding opportunity for growth, but sharing a place is always tricky. You probably have limited closet space in your apartment as it is, and combining your wardrobes only makes finding a spot to stash your […]

Breastfeeding Selfies Are All The Rage, Apparently

A beautiful act, captured forever. There’s a new photo trend: breastfeeding selfies. That’s right. Intimate breastfeeding moments are making their way to social media. Moms are using the selfie trend to document the intimate mother-child bonding moment (or just to challenge the off-limits status of breastfeeding in public). Even further, photographers across the country are […]

We Asked, You Answered: What Beauty Products Make You Feel Sexy?

“This mascara has two brushes, and I use the thick one when I’m on the prowl.” When it comes to negotiating (and dating), it never hurts to keep something in your back pocket. May we suggest you make it mascara? Women reveal more of their secret little somethings for making the everyday feel special. 1. […]

Now You Too Can Get Married In A Big, Inflatable Church!

You can be just like them!   Having a shotgun wedding? You are in luck. You don’t have to make the trip all the way to Vegas, because you can now get married in a blown up church in the comforts of your own backyard with just two hours notice. No, we are not kidding. […]

Heidi Klum: I Like To Teach My Kids How To Cook!

“I think food is important,” the single supermodel mom of four tells YourTango. Even more successful than when she was solely a cover girl, supermodel Heidi Klum hosts Project Runway, judges America’s Got Talent, hosts Germany’s Top Model, and designs kids’ clothing and women’s active wear, all while being a single mom to her four […]

Safe (And Saucy) Sex Positions For Pregnant Women

Passion is still possible with pregnancy. One minute, the sight of your partner makes you want to put him out with the weekly garbage; the next, you might want to play a couple of rounds of naked Twister. Par for the course during pregnancy. See, as your estrogen and progesterone levels rise, they cause changes […]

Obama writes to homeless poet on ‘Commentary to a Black Man’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Most mornings, David Denny ambles around a Metro stop in downtown Washington D.C., in the signature neon-yellow vest of a vendor selling Street Sense, a newspaper largely written and sold by the local homeless. But this week’s mornings were not like any other: Denny’s name was on the front page of the […]

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