UBA Force Staff To Write Resignation Letter After Sacking

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United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc has sacked over 5000 staff of the bank without prior notice, NAIJA CENTER has gathered.

The staff who were shocked on the development were forced to write their resignation under duress.

NAIJA CENTER gathered that the mass sack which happened nationwide started on Friday, the 3rd of January 2020 and ended on the 4th.

United Bank of Africa UBA
United Bank of Africa UBA

The sacked staff (permanent) were replaced with contract staff after two weeks training.

According to the information gathered by NAIJA CENTER, after the merging of Access and Diamond Bank, UBA recruited one of its top staff, Alex Alozie as the Group Head (GH).

Alozie vowed to bring changes to the bank without interference.

One of the UBA staff who spoke with NAIJA CENER and wished not to be named said “They employed one man from Diamond bank. Our new Group Head, Alex Alozie you know Diamond and Access Bank merged. You know all the Diamond Bank staff are now jobless, so UBA employed their group head.

“The man said he wants to transformed UBA and no one should interfere. He employed a lot of contract staff and asked us to train them. We trained them for two weeks not knowing they will replace us.

“On Friday, Jan 3, nobody knew what was going on. It was late around 11 pm, he started releasing the list after ordering everyone to wait behind. ‘When they release your name, they give you paper to write your resignation letter, instantly.

“They laid everyone off. Over 5000 sacked nationwide. Men and women that have a family to feed at home are fired without notice. It happened on the 3rd of January and completed it on the 4th of January.”

Is This The First Time?

In September 2018, the bank embarked on a similar rampage sacking where over 500 staff were secretly laid off.

NAIJA CENTER reported that the bank retrenched staff who had worked without promotion for many years and staff who were closed to retirement.

Also affected where those who had spent over 40 years. “Two of those sacked last week have put in 33 years and 31 years in service and were supposed to retire at 35 years in service, and “One of the sacked cashiers spent 16 yrs in service without a single promotion” The source said.

The Deception:

On Saturday, the UBA announced on its website that it has recruited over 5000 new staff nationwide without disclosing that the equal number of staff were fired.

In a statement signed by Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Uzoka, who announced the bank’s new staff improvement initiatives, noted that UBA is continually seeking new ways to improve the fortunes of its staff as they are the backbone of the organisation.

Continuing, Uzoka said ‘we have also taken steps to ensure that our bank remains at the top tier as it relates to talent pool. We want to train the best and we have crashed the grade structure to make it easier and faster for our employees to progress along their careers. With this new grade structure, it will be possible for a new graduate employed at UBA to rapidly chart their own careers and become GMD by the age of 36.”

The GMD said over 5000 staff started the new year with a lot of cheer as the bank announced its promotion to new grades as well as salary upgrades with immediate effect.

Those purportedly affected in the exercise are to receive up to 170% increase in their salaries and benefits, while a good number have been moved to higher grade levels.

Uzoka said ” In a carefully planned restructuring embarked upon by the bank in the last quarter of 2019, UBA has transformed its grading system and processes to become one of the most competitive within the industry. The bank crashed its grade levels to 12 levels from entry level to the top of the pyramid where previously it had been 16 levels. This means that staff will now find it much easier to attain top leadership management positions at UBA as their careers progress much faster.

“In a massive recruitment drive, over 4000 new staff members resumed in the last week of December 2019 in Nigeria alone at the bank. UBA currently stands as the highest employer of labour amongst Nigerian banks with a staff strength of close to 20,000.

Nigerian Reacts on Twitter:

Angry Nigerians took to twitter to vent their anger at the bank after it tweeted about the recruitment of 5000 staff.

Elaigwu Michael said “This post makes me sick and it shows a great extent the depth of our organisation pettiness and evil. Shame on you UBAGroup and all our management starting from Tony Elumelu.”

“The image laundry begins! How about adding the number of those held until 10pm yesterday to write resignation letter under duress,” a username Valerde In reacts.

Princess Joke said “Oh yes” The poor people suffered. And at the end, they were forced tow rite a resignation letter. Wickedness of the highest order! The news is everywhere.”

UBA Force Staff To Write Resignation Letter After Sacking
UBA Force Staff To Write Resignation Letter After Sacking
UBA Force Staff To Write Resignation Letter After Sacking
UBA Force Staff To Write Resignation Letter After Sacking
UBA Force Staff To Write Resignation Letter After Sacking

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