Ping-Express demands Wedding Certificate Before Sending Money – Customer says

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A money transfer provider for the African diaspora Ping-Express demanded a wedding certificate from its customer before a transaction is concluded.

Ping Express was formed in December 2014 and launched its service in December 2015 to disrupt an industry dominated by existing players who offer a one-size-fits-all service. The company was created to allegedly provide localized services that truly meet the need of its members who are underserved in the existing ecosystem.

The customer Ema Ademola (Not her real name) is a spouse to a Nigerian national based in the United Kingdom. She had on several occasions sent money to her In-laws in Nigeria using Western Union Money Transfer.

NAIJA CENTER NEWS gathered that the aggrieved customer was introduced to Ping Express by her husband Ademola Jimoh (Not his real name) whose intention was to boost a company owned by a fellow national.

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Trouble started when Ema did not receive confirmation after sending money to her mother in law in Nigeria, she was forced to contact the company and was told that the Nigeria bank was offline.

Minutes later, she was requested to confirm her credentials, and a phone call was placed to the number provided to confirm her details. Before that, she had submitted her driver’s license, a selfie photo and a utility bill as requested by the company but the moment the customer care agent who identified himself as John or Nathan realized she was a spouse of a Nigerian national, even when he had talked with her husband, demanded that she submit her wedding certificate.

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Ema said “I was very surprised when he asked me for my wedding certificate. What has that got to do with my financial transaction? He claimed he was protecting my interest but all he needed to know was whether I know who the money was meant for but he insisted that a wedding certificate must be submitted because I am not a Nigerian.

“I tried to explain to him that the money was meant for my mother-in-law but he wouldn’t listen. I have operated PayPal and Western Union for years, I have never been asked a document let alone a wedding certificate.”

Ademola in his reaction expressed disappointment over the incident, adding that he was only trying to boost a brother’s company like Ping-Express.

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He said the customer agent claimed his intention was to protect the customer but he was on a self-serving mission.

“Where is that done, demanding for a wedding certificate because she is not a Nigerian and she is probably being scammed?

“Normally, the customer agent was supposed to confirm the identity of the receiver from the sender to be sure she is not mistaken, but the organization took it too far.

“At last,  were forced to send a wedding photo otherwise our transaction will be cancelled.

“When this is done, we are both deleting our profiles from the company” He expressed.

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